Low speeds with wireless netgear dg834g

  lezperez 21:57 09 Oct 2007

Hi. I have a Freeline MT2000 connected to AOL via a Netgear dg834g and an ASUS WL-130g card. Recently my connection speed has dropped to that of dial up! My router stats say:

Downstream: Speed 2368 kbps Line attenuation 54db Noise margin 15db
Upstream: Speed 448 kbps Line attenuation 15db Noise margin 20db
However, when I do a speed test on speedtest.net I get:
Ping: 130ms Download: 126kbps Upload: 292kbps

My wireless signal strength and quality is 100% and noise strength is only 16%. I've tried every channel on my router but still the same speed. Its driving me nuts, even the AOL homepage takes ages to come on. Any ideas?

  Dipso 22:18 09 Oct 2007

Can you keep this to one thread or it gets confusing.

Duplicate posting in Helproom.

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