Low memory on how do i sort this out

  will123 18:19 27 Sep 2004

Windows Me, 512mb ram, 1800+ AMD athlon Processor 80gb hard drive

My computer keeps tellin me i hav low memory which results in crashes. How do i sort this problem out.


  Diodorus Siculus 18:23 27 Sep 2004

You need to increase the virtual memory:

In My Computer/Properties/Performance/Virtual Memory, select "Let me specify my own memory settings," and set either a fixed-size or fixed-minimum-size swap file so WinMe won't have to spend time calculating, allocating, and de-allocating swapfile space as you use the system. (The payoff: Smoother operation; fewer system "stutters;" fewer long interruptive bursts of hard drive activity. A set-size swapfile also will be permanently defragmented when you run WinMe's own Defrag utility, so your speed gains won't diminish over time.)

  SANTOS7 18:25 27 Sep 2004

click here follow guide to alter virtual memory settings set minimum same as maximum in your case set to 768 which is a recomended value i use these values and have never had any probs,good luck

  will123 18:26 27 Sep 2004

wat shud i but my memory as could u please go into a little more detail. I have no idea how to do this. all your help is welcome


  Diodorus Siculus 18:28 27 Sep 2004

Right click on "my computer"

choose "properties"

then Performance

then Virtual Memory

under this, set it as min 512mb and max 1024.

[The above figures are simply my thoughs on it.]

  Dorsai 18:36 27 Sep 2004

512 Mb should be more than enough for ME. In-fact, it is a much as ME was designed to have. It is possible to run ME with more than 512Mb, but the success of attempting to do so varies.

"Under this, set it as min 512mb and max 1024."

I would say set no max. My opinion.

also possible that you have some malware hogging system resources.

spybot, click here

Adaware, click here

A squared, click here

Download each in turn, install, run, update and run again. I guess some nasty is using your memory.

Unless some other can suggest better?

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