Low disk space - help with Treesize please

  Gizmocat 13:13 01 Sep 2007

Hi - in recent weeks my disk space has been disappearing at an alarming rate. I have scanned around this forum for help and think I am on the right track but would appreciate a bit of reassurance, as like many others am afraid of deleting the wrong things.

I have a 37.2 GB capacity, and this morning was told I only had 69.8mb left! After the usual disc clean up, removing rarely used programmes etc I am still only up to 3.65 GB free.

Now I dont think its any coincidence that my 15 yr old daughter is somehow connected to this due to her increased use of videos, itunes, downloading in general. She is also a big fan of the Sims.

I have installed TreeSize and it reports that 10253 MB Temporary Downloaded Files is down to DivXMovies.

My question is can I safely delete all of these in one fail swoop.

Alternatively I am not averse to having additional memory installed and do realise that 37.2 is comparatively small(It was sufficient 5 yrs ago when computer purchased!). Would not feel capable of doing this myself but wondered what I would pay for local computer shop to do this for me and what capacity could I go up to?

Any advise gratefully received.

  dan* 13:19 01 Sep 2007

"My question is can I safely delete all of these in one fail swoop."

Yes. Also download and use CCleaner to regularly clean out these files automatically. click here

Also look at the size system restore is using. It could be taking as much as 4Gb of your hard drive. 1Gb is enough.

As to the extra hard drive, why not put it in your self. It is very easy, 10 minutes and you will get excellent guidance from here. Even a video if you want one.

  Gizmocat 13:31 01 Sep 2007

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply Dan.

My daughter says she has tried to delete these in the past but didnt know how, so I will use the CCleaner from now on.

Amazing how in 5 seconds I have literally retrieved a third of my disk space - after pithering around for 3 hours this morning!

May consider the extra drive - is the video downloaded from this site?

  dan* 14:02 01 Sep 2007

this is the first of around 7 videos that walk you through the whole process of deciding what type of hard drive and the installation. click here

just follow the other links further down the page.

the actual installation of the drive is click here

  dan* 14:06 01 Sep 2007

the video might sound complicated but it's quite easy.

the main steps are to select a hard drive. make sure it will fit in the system.

set the jumpers on the hard drive.

screw it in the case.

Connect two leads to the hard drive. start the computer.

format the drive.

And away you go.

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