Low cost dial-up internet account

  jz 12:34 17 Apr 2004

A friend of mine who is on low income has asked me if I know of a low-cost pay monthly dial-up internet account. Normally, you have to pay at least £10 (I think NTL World costs £10), but he's looking for something that costs less. He doesn't need 24/7 free access. Are there any accounts that cost less than £10 with more limited access hours?

  Giggle n' Bits 12:42 17 Apr 2004

Have a look at click here or click here
There home page doesn't give you lots of stuff like pop ups, news, etc just a basic isp providing affordable service.

  Simsy 12:52 17 Apr 2004

have a daytime only dial up account...

£5.99 per month.

Access times are 2AM to 4PM, 4ppm after that...

Or tiscali at 4.99 per month for 8am to 6pm Mon-Friday 1p per min outside those times

Or tiscali at 7.99 permonth 8am-6pm 7 days...1p per min outside those times

You could sign up with Tesco at 5.99 and also sign up for pay as you go with Tiscali...

Good Luck,



  jz 16:05 17 Apr 2004

Thanks, the Tiscali £4.99 one looks very interesting.

  brickie5 16:58 17 Apr 2004

Have NTL home on bt line £ 15. With this you get £15,s of free phone calls, so if you use £15 of phone calls per month,internet bec omes free, 24/7

  stalion 19:45 17 Apr 2004

Does a free account pay for phone cost only.Regards.

  jz 23:22 19 Apr 2004

Thanks again everyone. I spoke to my friend and he tells me that he's not even sure that he will use the internet enough to justify pahing £4.99 per month for Tiscali. So pay for phone costs looks interesting, with the option for him to switch to a monthly one if he finds he's using the internet more than he thought he would (nothing unusual about that). Is the Tiscali one OK? - it seems to be 1p per minute offpeak, or 4p per minute peak.

  lightfeet 07:57 20 Apr 2004

I use Onetel Night Owl click here at £3.99 a month which gives free call charge access from 10.00pm to 8.00am & 1p per minute at all other times(a bargain). Have found this service excellent with no problems.

Am not sure what Force9 is asking but this package gives full Internet access & the above are the only charges I pay

  keith-236785 08:26 20 Apr 2004

If your friend just wants dial up and is willing to pay per minute for calls then

click here is a free isp where you only pay for the time online (through your phone bill)

good simple site and they have been around for at least five years so they know what they are doing.

One tip, your username also becomes your e-mail address AND your free webspace domain name, so if your friend is called "fred", and signs up as fred, his e-mail address would be [email protected]
and his webspace would be W W W. FRED.FREEUK.COM

nice short easy to type web addresses, not like freeserves offering.

good luck on your choice

  jz 22:16 20 Apr 2004

My thanks to everyone who responded...

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