beanyboy 19:41 03 Jun 2006

hi Guys

I have a hearing problem and have to wear Hearing
aids .I need to listen with Headphones sometimes and need to know if anyone can recommend some that have a high volume playback. Preferably small over the ear ones( cos of the aids).If anyone can help I would be grateful.

  tonyx1302 20:45 03 Jun 2006

Hi beanyboy,
I have replied to this as I have the same problem. I have a desktop with external speakers that I can just hear at full blast but cannot hear anything at all from my laptop.Hopefully someone may be able to help us both.


P.S/ Wonder if you/we would get more response if this was posted in Helproom instead of A/Beginners

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:06 03 Jun 2006

click here is an amplifier for headphones. It ain't cheap but it will do the job. Perhaps someone could find a UK outlet?


  yaesu 23:02 03 Jun 2006

Hi beanyboy, have a look here click here, you could try and build your own!
Good luck, yaesu

  spuds 23:48 03 Jun 2006

If you have a organization for the deaf in your area, ask them for advice. Most will have a sales outlet for this type of thing, and if you purchase through them it will vat free.

Another solution, if your hearing aids have a 'T' switch for a loop system, you could consider that.

  tonyx1302 11:30 04 Jun 2006

Thanks Gandalf. I looked at your suggested site but they don't show a price and it does look expensive but will call them on Monday.

Sorry yaesu.I'm just not that good with a screw driver anymore. Thanks anyway.

spuds. I buy all my hearing products through the RNID but they don't have anything like Gandulf/yaesu suggestions which would be brilliant.
My home is wired up for the loop system which is great when I have my BTE analog aids on and am watching TV but doesn't work for my pc's. During the day I wear CIC digital aids that don't have
loop switches and would like to use them when I am on my pc, so if I could improve the volume on them by earphones that don't give feed back whistle I could listen to Radio 4 with some sort of clarity.
Were the postings any help to you beanyboy ??


  beanyboy 19:48 04 Jun 2006

Hi Chaps

Thanks very much indeed for all your help and ideas. I am very grateful and whilst I have taken them all on board I have to tell you that I can cope with listening to my PC alright but what I have trouble with now is trying to hear things that I have taped on to a Sony Walkman Cassette Player.I really do need to try and obtain some headphones that are particularly good on volume .
Smallish ones ie not the ruddy great cans that we wear at home. They need to be able to go over my ears (and therfore the hearing aids already in my ears)as opposed to the sort that go in the ears.
I just thought that some of you might have come across some headphones that play particularly louder than others. But hey, don't worry about it . I'll press on with my search.
Thanks very much once again .

Ken Bean

  wee eddie 21:58 04 Jun 2006

at the impedance of the supplied headphones.

A slightly lower impedance will gain you more volume.

A considerably lower impedance will burn out the player's circuitry.

  wee eddie 22:01 04 Jun 2006

Why do you need to keep your hearing aids in.

Most ear buds at full volume will make quite sufficient sound to produce a risk of deafness.

  beanyboy 09:55 05 Jun 2006

Thanks for that but it is OK 'cos I think I have the answer now .

Thanks for your input. cheers

  wee eddie 16:21 05 Jun 2006

Please post your solution.

There may be others who are following the thread and hoping to benefit from it!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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