Loud & quiet/soft music

  gippingman 13:25 10 Jun 2007

I have a dell pc running xp and windows media player 10 outputting sound through dell 5.1 sound system. last few days, the sound level has started fluctuating during the middle of tracks (previously the same tracks have played numerous times before and played perfectly) - no abvious wires loose or anything - what could the problems be? - quite frustrating having the sound increase & decrease during the same song!

  Stuartli 13:31 10 Jun 2007

Try unplugging and reinserting all your speakers' connecting leads. See:

click here

  gippingman 19:46 13 Nov 2007

I have tried unplugging all the leads and reinserting but it made no difference. The difference in sound level is not small/subtle, it can go from very quiet to reasonably loud at random points - no pattern that i can see. Is it a hardware/sound card or similar issue - the soundcard is soundblaster live 24bit fitted to pci slot 3 - advice greatly appreciated as it continues to be frustrating!!!!

  esbe 20:29 13 Nov 2007

Not sure about wmp10 as I'm using wmp9, but try the 'VIEW' tab > 'Enhancements' > 'Show Enhancements' > 'SRS WOW Effects', then scroll along & there is a setting for 'Turn on Auto Volume Levelling' - turn it off & see if that helps.


  johnnyrocker 20:49 13 Nov 2007

do you have any other programs running at the ame time.?


  gippingman 15:15 18 Nov 2007

only programs noramlly running are IE6 and sometimes word 2002 - in this respect I have not altered any programs running whilst using WMP10 - and it has worked fine in the past whilst these same programs were running

Would upgrading to WMP11 help??

  gippingman 15:18 18 Nov 2007

meant to say that music plays fine on others sources e.g my space website - I assume the sound card is still used for web page music so thats why i wondered if it may be linked to WMP10

  clock 15:24 18 Nov 2007

I had the same problem a couple of years ago with my Creative 4.1 speaker system. They sent me a new woofer which wasn't the problem and then a new external sound adjustment control, which sorted it. However, I have the same problem with the newer control now, so switch sound off most of the time!

Maybe you have the same problem??

I'm going to keep an eye on this subject just in case someone comes up with an answer that will sort my problem out as well!!


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