Loud hum intermittently

  Channel 18:47 05 Apr 2004

Since returning from a week away, when computer turned off, it has taken to making a loud hum from time to time- much louder than its usual "busy" noise.This lasts for about a minute , before starting again later.It's now happening more frequently- perhaps after 20 mins.It doesn't seem to be the CD Drives- they aren't in use much of the time.If it's the fan, surely I would hear it continuously. I tried shutting down when I first heard it, and re-booted some minutes later, but the noise came back at once.I have a tower desktop, running Windows 98SE.Anybody know the cause ?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:00 05 Apr 2004

it would happen from cold and when it gets warmer the noise will fade away.

You would need to look inside the case and try and pin point which fan it may be usually the main culprit is the CPU Fan. If you have never been inside a pc I would try and find what motherboard model you have first then locate the CPU so you know where the fan on top of the CPU/Heatsink is located it looks like a metal block, there could be other fans like on a Grahics card or a case cooling fan ands there is also one inside the Power supply its self.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:02 05 Apr 2004

I would look at the PSU fan as the most likley but it can be one of many depending how many you have.


  Gongoozler 21:25 05 Apr 2004

Take the cover off the pc. Get a sheet of A4 paper and roll it up to make a long tube about 25mm diameter. Use this as a stethoscope to see if you can locate the source of the noise. As said before, the most likely source is the processor fan. This is about 2in (50mm) square and mounted on top of a heatsink. The next most likely is the power supply fan, and you can see this through a grille at the back of the case.

Changing the processor heatsink is quite simple, but you must be very careful to remove all traces of heatsink compound, especially if it is of the pad variety as these tend to harden with age and can stop the new heatsink sitting snugly on the processor. You will probably find it easier to get a heatsink with a fan the same size as the old one, and unscrew the fans and swap them over.

  fsbb 21:43 05 Apr 2004

After I rebuilt my PC I had a similar problem. Mine was the PCU case touching the PC case which made a humming sound. A small plastic wedge did the trick.

  fsbb 21:45 05 Apr 2004

Sorry PCU should read PSU in last thread.

Any vibration in metal case can cause humming.

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