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  Southernboy 14:09 23 Jun 2005

Whilst it is possible to convert a Word-Pro document to a MS Word document, is it possible to move data from Databases and Spreadsheets created under Lotus ME 9.7 to Works 8?

Having got MS Works 8 with my new PC, I would like to consider converting several 100 Appoach and 1-2-3 files to the MS software.

  stylehurst 14:14 23 Jun 2005

Read you message with interest; I would appreciate your method of converting Wordpro to Word as I have several documents that I cannot currently read easily.
Regarding spreadsheets & databases; whilst I do not use MS Works, I would have thought that it would be possible to import the 123 files quite easily. The alternative is to convert the 123 files to CSV files & then import into Works.
This last method should also work for the Approach files.

  dth 14:52 23 Jun 2005

It is really MS being awkward with Word Pro files.

I had to save the files as 'Doc' files in Word pro and then they opened up fine in MS Word. 123 files can be opened up with Excel without any change needed - sorry don't know what spreadsheeet comes with MS Works

  Southernboy 15:11 23 Jun 2005

Many thanks.

However, how does one actually open a 1-2-3 file in a MS Works Spreadsheet? Apart from the fact that I don't think the Spreadsheet in Works 8 is the same as that in Office, I still do not know the mechanics of opening a 1-2-3 in Excel.

  Ancient Learner 16:04 23 Jun 2005

When you have fathomed this out please post it . I am very interested in the process, as I have umpteen 123 files, some containing up to 10 linked sheets.

Also, like stylehurst above, I would love to know how you managed to convert your Lotus Word Pro files to M/S Word.

  HondaMan 16:11 23 Jun 2005

The simple answer is toopen themin WordPro and save them in Word95 format. Then open them in your copy of Word as re-save as a ".doc" file.

  BRYNIT 16:29 23 Jun 2005

After checking MS works 7 In the help file it states that you can open or save the file as lotus 123.

Try open MS Works spreadsheet click on file/open, under files of type change it to lotus 123 select the file and see if it will open.

  GroupFC 16:37 23 Jun 2005

"how does one actually open a 1-2-3 file in a MS Works Spreadsheet?".

Open works and go to file>open. This will bring up a dialogue box towards the bottom of which there will be the words "files of type" (or something similar) and there will be a little drop down arrow. Click on the arrow and select "Lotus 1-2-3 (*.wk1)". Now in the main part of the box navigate to the folder in which you have the files, and select tho one you want to open.

  GroupFC 16:39 23 Jun 2005

Snap! - but must type faster!

  Southernboy 14:39 24 Jun 2005

convert ALL my Approach, 123 and WordPro files to MS Works * and then uninstall the Lotus program. Opening them is only half the story, I want to convert them so that they can be regarded as MS Works files.

  BRYNIT 15:02 24 Jun 2005

Once you have opened the file in MS works re-save the file as a works file.

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