Lotus WordPro documents keep changing the date

  sheila.weston 14:42 31 Aug 2005

Is there any way in which I can insert the date into a document automatically, but make the document still show that date when I open it a year later?

ie I have been looking at past correspondence files and find that each document shows today's date. If I want to check when it was created I have to look at the Document properties, but even that has changed in some cases, possibly because I had to have a disc replacement.

Yes, in many cases I am including the date in the file name nowadays.

Many thanks


  BurrWalnut 14:49 31 Aug 2005

If it's only 1 date per document with no formulae attached, why not make it a text field?

  TonyV 14:53 31 Aug 2005

From what I recall, you probably have the date formatted as "Today" or "System date", so that every time you open the document it will come up as Today. I haven't got Wordpro on my machine now, but I think you will find by looking in the Formatting area there are several ways of formatting the date field. Browse through it and I'm sure you will come up with the right date that will stay at the date you wrote the document.

Have fun!


  Wak 16:40 31 Aug 2005

As TonyV says, you seem to be inserting the system date.
If you go to TEXT/ Insert Other/ Date & Time/ Date. In the Drop-down menu you can select "Date Created" which I imagine will remain constant.
Hope this helps.

  sheila.weston 16:43 31 Aug 2005

Many thanks, Tony. I have found the box you mean: Text>insertother>date/time and then select 'insert date created'. I'll check tomorrow and see if it works!

  TonyV 17:11 31 Aug 2005

Glad to be of assistance!


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