lotus smartcentre

  bert52a 11:04 19 Jun 2009

a few years back- maybe 8 years ago pc advisor( I think) gave Lotus Smartsuite as a freebie.I wasusing windows 98 then and the bit I liked best was the smartcentre.It placed a toolbar/taskbar at your chosen part of the screen and it consisted of labelled drawers.I found it was a great way to organise files.When i swapped to xp I forgot all about it but now i've got so many disorganised files I want to give it a try.
I presume the millenium edition that worked on 98 won't work on XP so can you get hold of this software any more- preferably free or very cheap.
Can anybody suggest anything similar.

  T I M B O 11:16 19 Jun 2009

I got Lotus SmartSuite 9.6. I know that works ok with xp. I suppose it all depends what version of SmartSuite you have. Last time i used it was way back in the year 2001. I use office 2003 pro but of course works quire diffrent compaired to what you onces used, but for a free version of whats close is this >>click here

  bert52a 11:21 19 Jun 2009

thanks for the reply.
it says release 9.5 on the Lotus software but it says runs on 98.Can I take it for granted that it won't work on xp-I darent try to install it in case it causes problems.

  T I M B O 11:30 19 Jun 2009

I just had a quick look via the internet and i see that 9.5 is not or may not be usable on xp. Have a look here >> click here

  john bunyan 11:39 19 Jun 2009

I have Lotus smartsuite up and running all the time on XP Pro. Use it every day as wordprocessor, spreadsheet and presentation equavelent to Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Also the organiser.I have the Millenium edition. I probably have another disc with it on.I suggest you make a restore point and try it out. If not I will see if I have a spare disc and you can e Mail where to send it.

  bert52a 12:17 19 Jun 2009

thanks Timbo and John Bunyan.
I will try your advice.

  TonyV 12:45 19 Jun 2009

Try it in the Compatible mode and list 98 as the one you want to use. I have the Millennium Edition on my machine that is running on XP SP3 and it works fine.


  TonyV 12:48 19 Jun 2009

The only application that had a slight glitch was Approach, but it worked fine when I accepted that it wouldn't do all it was supposed to do!


  Abel 16:51 19 Jun 2009

I have Lotus SmartSuite Release 9 and use it constantly with XP Pro SP2. I also have Microsoft Office 2003 on my machine, which is in constant use too. Given my situation, I can't envisage you'll have any problems.


  blanco 18:47 19 Jun 2009

I've used the same edition of Smart Suite from Windows 98 to XP with no problems whatsover.

  bert52a 19:46 19 Jun 2009

pc advisor forum does it again.
I've got the components i wanted up and running and have discovered a couple of little extras I didn't know about.
Thanks for all the responses!

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