Lotus Organiser

  Habsish 15:51 10 Mar 2008

Have had to format and reinstall Windows XP and SP2 plus all the updates. Originally did not have SP2

Come to load back on my Lotus Organiser software, which I have used for years only to find that my originally saved file that I wish to restore is org5 but Organiser on my system will only open org4 files.

Any ideas how I can open it? Don't recall in the past doing any update and IBM's support is no help.

  Habsish 16:13 10 Mar 2008

Further to my initial posting the file formats are or4 and or2 (not org) Sorry about that.


  john bunyan 16:25 10 Mar 2008

Did same as you but reinstalled whole Lotus Millenium suite as I use Organiser, 123,wordpro and Freelance.
Installed ok to C:/programmefiles/lotus. Have never looked at details before but .or5 appears in some of the sub files in Organiser. If you have Lotus install disc maybe worth a reinstall of the lotus.

  Habsish 16:45 10 Mar 2008


Thanks for the response.

I am told when opening my backup file (or5) that it was produced by a newer version of Organiser.

Bit flumuxed how I could have saved a file as or5.

  bjh 16:53 10 Mar 2008

There is, or was, I think, a free update to Organiser 6 at one point... I'm not on the right machine, but can check that out.

It looks like your Organiser updated (to at least version 5) online, and that is why your older Organiser can't open the newer saved files format.

I will try and look up the download now, but I have Lotus on one of my home machines, and I think that'll have the download in "Favorites"

  bjh 17:14 10 Mar 2008

You might page through the IBM Smartsuite link below
click here

I'm getting water in the internet(!) and it's going too slow, so can't help more at the mo. (I actually have drips above me, and floorcloths holding back a puddle by my feet. Oh the British weather...

  bjh 17:16 10 Mar 2008

Oh, and last point, if you search, it's OrganiZer in US spelling!

  Habsish 18:45 10 Mar 2008

I think I have solved the problem.

Seems as if my offspring has borrowed an updated version of Lotus Smartsuite and put it on my computer without telling me. At least it is fully dressed unlike some of the other stuff he loaded on.

Seems it is just as well I cleaned everything out even if I now have to try and acquire something to run my Organiser files on.



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