Lotus Notes 5 mail settings

  TomG 19:52 31 Mar 2005

I'm running notes on a win98 laptop.

I can receive emails OK but cannot seem to send any, initially i thought it was a problem with my antivirus (AVG) so I turned off scanning of outgoing mail. But i still don't seem to be able to send.

The email account is through beeb.net but i connect to the internet through wanadoo so my next thought is that i change the smtp to wanadoo but I cannot find the mail settings?

Any suggestions please?

  sgoku 12:02 01 Apr 2005

im not hot on lotus but are you locations set correctly.
You should find them in hte bottom riight hand side of the screen.
This is also where you can select your mail settings,
You can do this by selecting the location then edit.
I hope that helps

  TomG 15:28 03 Apr 2005

Thanks - I uninstalled and reinstalled and can now send and receive - but now I keep getting the same emails.

I sent myself some test emails (and replied to them) using my other email account. I deleted the messages but everytime I run send and receive I get the same messages back again?

  sgoku 13:57 04 Apr 2005

try ruuning a replicartion, with notes dta is stored in to locations locally and on a server, this maynot be the case for you but try and replicated your mail file.
On you workspace there is a icon that says your may right click on it and you will have option of replication try those.

  TomG 19:56 04 Apr 2005

Sorry sgoku - I'm new to Lotus - I don't understand what you mean

  sgoku 13:35 05 Apr 2005

Lotus stores data in two locations, do when you delete your'local copy it is still on the server' therefore you will get duplicate emails.
In your case it sounds like you have it stored all on you machine so not completly sure how it will work.
But on you workspace (this where you have tiles that shows your mail calender etc) you should be able to right click on you mail icon and see options to perfom replication.

I would try that

Is there any reason why you are using lotus?

  TomG 21:07 05 Apr 2005


Thanks - well i right clicked on mail and selected replication, I've changed the time that mail is held to 2 days to see if that makes a difference.

I bought it at a car boot for £2 so I thought I'd try it out - I know its mainly for networked locations with mail held on a server but I thought I'd see what its like.

  sgoku 10:45 06 Apr 2005

Well let me know how it goes?
Lotus is a very complex program but i can do some very nice things

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