Lotus 1-2-3 Formulas.

  TonyV 19:15 21 Jun 2004

There must be somebody out there who can answer this question for me. In Lotus 1-2-3, I want to flag up a date that is two weeks in front of a date that is part of a spread sheet. i.e. The Cell G36 has the "Wk 30" date, (this could be changed to the Monday of that week, 19/07/2004, or split the Wk out in to a different cell and leave the 30 in another cell adjacent, though I'm not sure that would work because I feel that dates are the real requirement for a formula to work), I want to flag another cell when we are two weeks before that date, (i.e. 05/07/2004) with the word "CHECK". What formula can I use to get this to happen? I've tried the @IF, and @DATEDIF and various others all to no avail.

In other words, when we are at two weeks before the date in Cell G36, we want to flag up in Cell G40 the word "CHECK".

Thanks in anticipation.


  TonyV 19:21 21 Jun 2004

I ought to have said that I think I need to have the System Date as part of this formula, so that I don't have to feed the actual date in every time. This means that when the System Date is two weeks before the Cell date, the flag comes up!!

  TonyV 14:11 23 Jun 2004

Since no one came back with an answer, I assume There is no formula that can be used. Thanks anyway!

  BurrWalnut 15:16 23 Jun 2004

The DAYS function will return the number of days between 2 dates.

  TonyV 19:28 23 Jun 2004

Yes, but what I want is if the answer is -14 days, then I want to get the word "CHECK in that cell. So, the formula with @Days works to get to -14, but can I add a further element to that formula that will then come up with CHECK, something like @IF Cell G40 = -14,write CHECK?

  BurrWalnut 09:45 24 Jun 2004

I'm a bit out of touch with 123 but I vaguely remember the format being something like :-

@if(g40 <=14,"CHECK"," ")

I'm sure there's a way, good luck.

  TonyV 14:00 24 Jun 2004

BurrWalnut, Many thanks, I will try it and see what happens.

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