lots of processes running ! should i end them !

  just learning 01:05 05 Sep 2007

Hi Ive had quite a few problems with my advent 7056 behaving erratically eg shuts down files moved and lots of new processes seem to be running . about 35 running altogether. Ive got avg antispyware and avg antivirus & windows firewall on and they havent picked anything up apart from tracking cookies. My next door neigbour said that internet explorers been used by a backdoor spyware/trojan but to be honest he knows as much as me which isnt a lot . He said iexplore.exe, svchost.exe and a few others shouildnt be running Please can someone advise me in a simple way that I can understand. Id apprectiate some advise please Thank you

  mrwoowoo 01:33 05 Sep 2007

this will help explain about the system processes.
click here
Ifear that your system processes will have nowt to do with your system shutting down though.

  C3 02:49 05 Sep 2007

The link Mrwoowoo is useful to explain the main ones.

Others are pretty straight forward from the files names (eg firefox.exe)

If you don't know what they are, the best bet is to type the full filename into Google and one of the top links will usually be a site that will tell you what the file is and which program it is associated with.

For example spoolsv.exe click here

If there are any that come up dodgy, then let us know.

  birdface 10:44 05 Sep 2007

Press Ctrl.Alt.Delete.all together and that brings up Task Manager.Under Processes system idle process should be showing about 97% in CPU which is normal.Are there any other programs using a large share of the CPU. If you had a Trojan Avg Anti-Spyware should have found it.In Task Manager I have 32 processes running.I don't have a lot of things downloaded on my computer so I would imagine your 35 items may be about right.I don't suppose that you have messenger Plus running on your computer do you.Thats one to avoid if you don't.

  Acx 10:51 05 Sep 2007

I’ve just looked at my processes and svchost.exe is listed 7 times click here, iexplore.exe once and a total of 57 processes.

click here
Gives a good explanation and search

  brundle 11:06 05 Sep 2007

Svchost runs the `services` that manage a lot of tasks in Windows, not all are required for every system but some are essential, don't go disabling all of them.

and 35 is low.

  just learning 12:55 05 Sep 2007

thanks everyone . They all seem quite legitimate so I think my neighbour doesnt actually know what hes talking about really. All the advice and help is appreciated . Thamk you everyone

  griffon56 17:04 05 Sep 2007

Hi just learning,

Try this site click here for an explanation of what the various programs do and whether they can be turned off. Try also click here Don't turn off svchost.exe no matter how many times it appears, it is a support program for many Windows operations tho' the number of times it appears is excessive.

Google for 'Startup programs' and have a browse among the results. Good sites for free computer info and downloads are click here and click here and click here among many others.

Your neighbour is mistaken, tho' there has been a Trojan around with a name like svchost.

As long as you have adequate spyware protection, a firewall and anti-virus you ought to be alright from that point of view. If you want the most popular versions of freeware for all those then just say and I'll post them here.

  just learning 22:44 05 Sep 2007

Hi thanks griffon not entirely sure i got my head round all of that just yet but thank you I,m really trying to understand . I should imagine it will take some time. Do you think Im safe security wise with avg antivirus , avg anti spyware and windows firewall ? Would you recommend somethin else ?

  birdface 08:04 06 Sep 2007

Add, A Squared .SpywareBlaster,WinPatrol.And McAfee Site Advisor.And you are just about spot on.They are all free.

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