Lots of Internet Pop Ups

  Ronyap 18:42 24 Apr 2006


I have had before lots of Internet WINDOWS popping up all over the desktop. This happened when I wasnt connected to the internet. There was at least 65 of them, and when it finally ceased, i tried to close a window, but it just came back. I held Alt+ F4 to close the windows, but there was no success. All the windows just kept popping back. This happened on my Laptop, Windows Xp. This also, once happened to my Desktop PC, Windows ME though.

Anyone that can help would be great.

Thanks =)

  woodchip 18:50 24 Apr 2006

If you use Itenet explorer as your browser, Go to control Panel\Internet Options\Privacy\Tick block popups box. If that does not stop them I suggest use Firefox Or Netscape 7.2 as I do. It's a good pop up blocker but does not stop them all, only odd one gets through click here

  skidzy 19:36 24 Apr 2006

Have you downloaded anything lately,if you have pop ups when not online...i would guess you may have downloaded some spyware/malware etc.

Some programs come bundled with spyware as a sponsor.

Try this click here

Also you say xp....are your Microsoft updates up to date,also find out if you have sp2 installed.

click here

  Ronyap 21:32 24 Apr 2006

I have already checked with Zonealarm and Mcafee and a-squared, but found no Malware. But this was only after the incident. :)

  ade.h 21:40 24 Apr 2006

A-squared is primarily a trojan scanner, though it is a very good one; try Ewido as well or instead, as Skidzy has suggested.

  Ronyap 20:33 25 Apr 2006

Thanks, Ill try it out =)

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