lot more info on your comp

  stalion 22:44 29 Jul 2004

the latest download from here gives you far more info now than belarc advisor
click here

  SANTOS7 22:53 29 Jul 2004

Don't know where you found it Stalion , but hats off to ya, info is endless, thanks for sharing it.

  TommyRed 22:55 29 Jul 2004

Looks good, will check it out tomorrow. TR

  stalion 22:56 29 Jul 2004

have used it for a long time but this is the best version to be released by far.The download manager they do is also very good.Regards

  GroupFC 11:25 30 Jul 2004

Interesting - will check it out when I get home tonight.

  stalion 20:49 30 Jul 2004


  pat2068 20:58 30 Jul 2004

thanks stalion

  Audeal 23:50 30 Jul 2004

Reading the instruction about the Fresh Diagnose it states that I should input my e-mail and they will send a key to unlock the programs. Well I just downloaded the Fresh Diagnose and installed it and it runs OK. No Key needed.

Any comments on this key business, or do they just want my e-mail address for their advertising purposes.

Don't get the wrong impression, I don't mind as it is free, I am just curious about it.

  GroupFC 00:04 31 Jul 2004

I think you'll find that they just want it so they can send you a weekly one about the various programs they are offering.

I had something from this stable sometime ago (can't for the life of me remember what it was!), and now I get e-mails offering all sorts of things
(the latest one included thing such as mp3Advance, Net Nanny, Fusemail and so on....). Needless to say they usually end up in the bin! I think it's the cyber equivalent of junk mail (as opposed to spam which it clearly isn't!).

  asder 00:16 31 Jul 2004

Thanks stalion

Audeal ,I think you'll find that it is an 11 day free(for personel use) trial version.then you have to activate/register it with the FREE key code.

  ollie < one> 01:34 31 Jul 2004


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