A lot of help needed please

  ah24 15:01 12 Jun 2006

Hi, im new on these forums - just googled it because i really need help. i was on limewire and tried downloading the programme ableton live...however it didnt load and their have been big changes to my comp since then, ill list them.
1)found A LOT of spyware/adware/trojans etc when scanned
2)fans are running EXTREMELY loud
3)my internet seems really really slow
4)did keep getting pop-ups but got rid of that
4)had some T-clock thing, turned my clock writing black
5)got a desktop item freeprodtb, when deleted it seems to come back when comp is restarted
6)when googling a seperate search thing comes up called 'related search'
7)my homepage was changed - though changed this back

thats most of it, and as mentioned a couple of things were sorted, my main problems are that internet is really slow and fans are very loud..oh and alt-ctrl-del doesn't work!! =( please help
thanks, adz

  Taff™ 15:06 12 Jun 2006

What Operating System, Antispyware, Antivirus are you running?

  ah24 15:08 12 Jun 2006

windows XP op system, spyware is ad-aware, though i downloaded something called HijackThis to get rid of one of the little buggers, seems to have worked..Antivirus im using ewido anti-malware, though only use it to run scans

  Taff™ 15:12 12 Jun 2006

Windows Defender click here Spybot Search & Destroy click here Download, Install and run each of these, deleting all they find. Then repeat from safe mode.

You wouldn`t normally need all these but let`s see what they find - we can rationalise later.

  ah24 15:14 12 Jun 2006

im going to first use the defender one, then boot in safe mode and do it, then get the search and destroy, run that normal first then in safe mode..that ok?
p.s how do i use safe mode?! how do i get into it?

  Taff™ 15:21 12 Jun 2006

Whichever way round you like. With Defender it will run a quick scan during the set up. Repeat by doing a full scan afterwards. (Drop Down Arrow next to the scan button)

Safe mode is usually accessed by rebooting your machine and tapping the F8 key, you`ll come to a b/w screen and a further F8 gives you the option to start in safe mode using the arrow keys.

  ah24 15:22 12 Jun 2006

and it's easy to get back out of yeah?

  ah24 15:29 12 Jun 2006

yep thats the program, yes i am guilty of trying to get it for free, i paid through the nose for cubase, fruityloops and adobe photoshop so thought id do what everyone else seems to be doing, only i wish i hadnt - not only for the fact of all these problems but that it is stupid to download things free, wont be doing it in future, for a matter of principle

  Major Disaster 16:25 12 Jun 2006

All you do to get out of safe mode is turn off ur pc and boot normally. You say you have Ewido, but no real AV (ewido is really more general anti malware). Download and run Avast! click here (free for home use) or AVG if you prefer (again free).

You also need a firewall. Zonealarm (from here click here is good).

Also for further back up try A2 (click here)

Finally clear your temp files (where malware may be hiding) using CCleaner (click here)

Alll of these programmes are FREE and effective.

  Taff™ 16:30 12 Jun 2006

Yes - Just reboot the computer to get back out of safe mode. Patoo obviously knows what you`ve let yourself in for. I think we`re going to have problems because I bet you a £1 that the problems are now harboured in System Restore Files, which means that even after deleting everything in safe mode they`ll return. If so you need to switch off sytem restore and repeat the exercise - consider it a punishment for your midemeanour!

  Major Disaster 16:41 12 Jun 2006

Yes good thinking Taff.

To disable System Restore - Start, Right Click My Computer, Properties, Sysrem Restore, Turn Off System Restore, Restart, Repeat the Process to turn it back on again.

By the way, safe mode is a piece of cake to use, dont be worried about it, its just Windows with out any frilly bits (ie no pretty backgrounds or themes)

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