Lost work in Excel 97 but it must be somewhere

  Connaught 06:46 28 Jul 2006

I was updating a spreadsheet by overwriting an existing file but had not got to the stage of saving it to another name. For some reason and without asking if I wish to save, the work disappeared when I inadvertently closed Excel. Surely that is not usual. I try by clicking on the original file name to reload it but a warning comes up that the file is already open and that I should close one of them if I wish to proceed. I am unable to find the file that the program says is already open and suspect it is the file that contains my latest updating. Can anyone tell me how to recover that file without losing it completely so that I may continue to work on it?

Many thanks

  FelixTCat 07:42 28 Jul 2006


It's infuriating, isn't it. The best that I can suggest is that you open My Computer and go into the folder where you save the spreadsheets. Look for a file with an unusual looking name (might start with ~). Copy that file (for safety) and try to open it.

You might also need to change your settings to "Show hidden files" to see it.

Also look in your Temp files folder for an xls file.

Good luck.



  Graham ® 08:44 28 Jul 2006

Plus do a search for .xls

  Connaught 09:28 28 Jul 2006

Many thanks FelixTCat and Graham. Smashing!! You have found it for me. Really grateful

  FelixTCat 09:58 28 Jul 2006


Thank you for the kind comment. Can you please tell us what worked (without embarrassing yourself) so that we can use it to improve how we help others.



  Connaught 16:11 28 Jul 2006

It was the search for *.xls that led me to a file of similar name and it had been placed in My Documents. I never use that folder for my work So yes I am a little ashamed and hugely grateful.

Strange really. There must be some facility within Excel to dump a file still bearing the same name in My Documents where it has failed to ask the 'save' question.

  TonyV 16:17 28 Jul 2006

If it happens again, you can always search for "Recent". This houses a lot of recently opened files. (Look in C:\Documents & Settings\Your sign on name\Recent and you will find a lot of recently opened files!)


  Gongoozler 16:19 28 Jul 2006

Hi Connaught. have a look in Tools - Options - Save, and then look at the Autorecover save location.

  Connaught 18:38 28 Jul 2006

Thank you Tony V and Gongoozler. I have printed all this off and be thankfully guided in future. It has happened a few times in the past but I have always given in thinking my work was permanently lost.

I am so impressed with the ready assistance that has led me to a complete solution.

Thank you all again.

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