Lost windows 98 second edition cd

  @jc 10:46 23 Dec 2004

Hi All and a very merry xams,
Just bought an oldish laptop as a xmas pressie to myself, something to dabble with it has no operating system on it,So i thought i'd use my old windows 98 second edition on it

Not sure but i think this is ok, Not like win xp i beleive you are allowed to use it again and again.

Problem is i've located my win 98 se manual with the certificate of authenticity on it but can't find the cd.

I've emailed microsoft to ask if i can purchase another cd at a reduced price if i give my certificat number but that was 3 days ago and no reply.

Can anyone sugest where i might be able to get a cd and will any 98 se cd work with the number i've got ?

Thanks inadvance ajc

  Gongoozler 10:56 23 Dec 2004

This is the cheapest I've seen it anywhere click here.

You are allowed to have your copy of Windows 98se installed on any one computer at a time. If you uninstall it from one computer, you are then allowed to install it on another. There is no product activation or registration requirement.

  ACOLYTE 10:56 23 Dec 2004

I think you may have to buy a new copy of the 98cd,although in theory any 98 cd key should work with any copy of 98se but im not sure it would be legal to do it,You could probably get a new cd and key cheaper than from micrsoft.

But heres a link for you

click here

  @jc 11:20 23 Dec 2004

Thanks guy's but it seems to me this is a rip off
Microsoft Windows 98SE OEM
(End User License Agreement, Certificate of Authenticity, CD and a manual).£39

surely most of that price is going on the license and certificate of authenticity number and manual,I have all those a CD is not going to cost £39

ok as i've got all the above except the CD and it's not installed on any pc,

"about to open a can of worms here"

What about if i download a copy from a fileshare program would this be legal ?

it would be a copy of software i've already purchased and have proof of purchase

Thoughts please

  Gongoozler 11:25 23 Dec 2004

Hi @jc. Microsoft no longer produce Windows 98 in either version, so those who have copies can charge what they like. If you obtain a copy of Windows 98se CD from any source it should work with your license key, whether it is legal depends on the small print of the license terms.

  ACOLYTE 11:25 23 Dec 2004

No would be illegal,even though you have a manual and key you dont have it for the copy you will download,and you dont know how many pc's that copy might be on so the license would be invallid any way,also there is a risk you would download more than you bargained for.

  @jc 11:35 23 Dec 2004

But if my copy is not on another machine using my product key,which i know it is'nt would it still be illegal.
Agree with you about downloading more than i expect and this is what i fear i would'nt want anything but a copy of legit software.

you guy's are right ofcourse but it seems microsoft again have covered all the bases even when they stop producing software.

i guess i'll have to buy a copy

but if this is bill gates way of making money no wonder he's one of the rich's men in the world

as for the email i sent 3 day ago and no reply i wonder how long it would take to track me down if i was using illegal software, not as long me thinks.

Thanks anyway i suppose a xmas spirit or 2 will help calm me.

All the best and a merry xmas and happy new year to all

  ACOLYTE 11:40 23 Dec 2004

If you email me by pressing the yellow envelope on my post i may be able to help you.

  Gongoozler 11:45 23 Dec 2004

Hi @jc. Wherever you get your copy of Windows 98, no-one will come knocking on your door to check it's legality, and as you have a license I'm sure your conscience will be clear. There are so many copies of Windows 98 around from computers that have been scrapped that I'm sure you can pick one up somewhere.

  @jc 11:49 23 Dec 2004

I don't wont to seem to be like scroog at this time of year,But £39 for an obsolete CD seems steep to me.

  @jc 11:50 23 Dec 2004

SCROOGE even can't even spell now sorry

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