Lost user name for Netgear DG834GT router reset???

  [email protected] 11:18 01 Mar 2007

I'm awaiting the engineer who will no doubt pronounce death upon my current windows config and take me back with a restore of windows.
I tried to get into my Netgear router settings at click here but ironically I cannot remember my username although have my password. The box keeps flashing up saying that Netgear wants the info on an unsecure connection and I can't work o0ut if my guess at the username is right, but there is a connection problem, or just wrong and causing this difficulty.
Am I right in saying, if necessary, I can reset the router by pressing the little button hole thing and this will take it back to factory settings and I can start again with the admin password, username and password that was defaulton arrival? I am a little confused as I am unsure how that gets through to the internet (if you see what i mean!) If I don't reply I'm lost and off to find a PC elsewhere!! many thanks!

  crosstrainer 11:23 01 Mar 2007

re-setting the router will restore the "admin" password, but you will have to re-configure it for your isp's settings.

  Strawballs 11:24 01 Mar 2007

There should be a reset button on the back of the router somwhere which should take it back to factory settings, you might have to hold for 10 seconds

  Spark6 11:57 01 Mar 2007

To reset DG834G: 1)Press and hold the Reset button until the Test LED turns on (about 10 seconds).

2)Release the Default Reset button and wait for the router to reboot.

Access the router through

  Taff™ 13:23 01 Mar 2007

Try the default username - probably admin or Admin

  Bailey08787 13:30 01 Mar 2007

default username = admin
password = password

  [email protected] 13:53 01 Mar 2007

Many thanks, I know what the defaults are but I changed them and it's the username I'm not sure of- I thought I knew it but I keep getting the "unsecured connection" box flashing up, I'm not sure if it is the wrong username or whether it ids the unsecured thing that is causing probs. Has anybody else had the unsecured connection box pop up? Thanks for all your help. Still waiting for the engineer .....

  skidzy 14:01 01 Mar 2007

could be you have not set up the WEP/WPA security key,and therefore the system is warning you.

Do you actually have internet ?

  Gongoozler 14:01 01 Mar 2007

I think the "unsecured connection" popup is telling you that your wireless network isn't encrypted (WEP or WPA)

  skidzy 14:07 01 Mar 2007

Snap Gongoozler :-))

  [email protected] 13:56 02 Mar 2007

How did it get unencrypted then I have WPA security set. Also I have discivered that the reason I don't have a username is that it stays at admin even if youchange the password. How could the security have been lost?

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