Lost top of Task manager help please..thankyou

  bof:) 15:27 05 Feb 2007

Hi all, when I hold down Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons, I get Task Manager up without the top part with the X button to close down.

In the taskbar I have a blank square which if I right click on does nothing.

The only way I can close the Task manager down is to restart my laptop.

Also if I did ctrl+alt+del twice it used to shut laptop down now this does nothing.

The only program I've installed lately is AVG's antispyware 30 day free trial but I think I had the Task Manager problem before this.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Many thaanks,


PS using WinXP Home, SP2. IE7

  VoG II 15:29 05 Feb 2007
  bof:) 16:00 05 Feb 2007

Hi VoG™, I've clicked on everything I can find on the link you gave but I cannot find a Flash Movie of any kind. Any idea where they are?


  VoG II 16:04 05 Feb 2007

Try click here instead

The movie in my first link should play automatically. If it doesn't then uninstall click here and re-install FlashPlayer click here (untick Yahoo toolbar if you don't want it).

  bof:) 16:11 05 Feb 2007

Thankyou VoG™, top of Task manager re-appeared as soon as I double clicked where your link said to.

many thanks for your help again,


  IClaudio 19:41 28 Jul 2007

This same prob has been nagging me for months, I've run all kinds of checks, and never knew about the Tiny Footprint option.

Back to a full-scale Task Manager with your help, thanks!

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