lost thread with "computer" "pictures" in it ..

  end 02:12 22 Aug 2004

some while ago someone very kindly posted some pictures of computers to one of my threads.i have been through most of them and cannot find the pictures, one of which I want to use on another thread.
the pictures were of "improvised" "computers"in cardboard boxes and the like.
I thought i had put the page onto "my favourites", but, having transfered back to my main tower, I cannot find it.
(someone may have my thread in their "my postings." ) ;
once i can re-find the page I will put it on "My favourites"..promise!!
can anyone "assist"..:)


  Dan the Confused 03:01 22 Aug 2004

Don't know the link you are referring to, but I found this click here

  Dan the Confused 03:20 22 Aug 2004

Even more stoopid click here

  son-of-a-gun 08:48 22 Aug 2004

End have you looked on the floor under your desk?

Also what was that PM you sent me, sorry mate, I havent got a clue what this is about, can you be more specific indicating the thread, subject etc.

Bet you found it now you looked on the floor, that's where I always found part of my DOS that I had lost.

  end 09:06 22 Aug 2004

have not PM"d you that I recall:(

dan the confused; nice one but, believe it or not, what I was sent is "even more stoopid" than that lot:)

topic? probably to do WITH how a computer is built, or more precisely what is inside a computer:)

  VoG II 09:16 22 Aug 2004
  son-of-a-gun 09:52 22 Aug 2004

end does the following mean anything to you, I see your comment (have not PM"d you that I recall:( ) Have you sent this to someone and it came to me in error?
Because this could cause problems if PMs are going astray and the FE should be informed of the fact. I have removed name's and e:mail address part thereoff
From end : PART OF E:MAIL ADDRESS REMOVED talkgas.net sent you the following message from the pcadvisor.co.uk discussion board.

Forum: Helproom
Thread: Help Forum only shows subscriber not subject
Date: Sun, 22/08/2004 | 00:25


i had suggested to (NAME REMOVED) to try Partition Magic to create a "clean-slate" side on the thing and "build up " from there; then wol can work on the clean side and get things done, and sort out the dirty side as he goes.seems not a bad suggestion to ME, and I have had it here and seen it "work"; and can put "known, safe" programs on clean side and perhaps a different Windows; thought he has nothing to lose BY doing that actually and would be doing some constructive work ; when the clean side has been built and data transfered to it, the dirty side can then be abandoned and removed...but the cuase of the problem may well be the Norton....and...judging by (NAME REMOVED) state of health, maybe (NAME REMOVED) could do with a little "back-up"..... ??have you PM"d him yet??

  end 14:25 22 Aug 2004

??i presume that "wol"s thread" means" nowt" to you(no sarcasm meant, intended or implied) as I have just checked the entire thread and cannot see on it any posting from you(it is 7 pages long!);

can you please confirm for me that you have NOT p0sted to it , as only if you HAD would I have had any reason to PM you with THAT particular message quoted above; once you have done that for me and confirmed that, then we need to "get worried" and involve F.E.


i.e.; yes, I have sent than message but not, I think, to you..

but, you need to confirm for me that you are not, as yet "involved " ON that thread...

will also have another look at the thread to see if I can fatholm who SHOULD have had it:)

and thanks for the "info"....

  end 14:48 22 Aug 2004

have "informed" F.E. "could be trouble at th" mill", and am posting this on here as lord knows where a PM might "end -up":)

think I may post a thread on it too(F.E. can always close it if he chooses:) )

I think I know who SHOULD have had the other one..:)

vog; good idea, but what I am "looking for" is far far "crazier" :)

  VoG II 14:57 22 Aug 2004

Was this a thread that you started? Can you remember any keywords from the title?

I recently sent a PM to somebody and it reached another forum member. The recipient e-mailed me to point this out. Careful what forum members put in PMs I think!

  end 15:13 22 Aug 2004

thought it was but cannot find it in any of my threads,;
will "send "off-forum""..:)

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