Lost thousand separator in chart Y axis only

  DeborahC 13:32 15 Jul 2010

I understand Excel very well. Have the comma seperator in my spreadsheet and used to have it in my charts. For some reason, they are now gone.
I can for the axis, choose Number and see the "use 1000 separator (,)" but there is no comma. I cannot even make one with custom format.
I have ensured my language in control panel is English (Canada) but this does nothing.
Any ideas?

  VoG II 13:57 15 Jul 2010

Right click the axis > Format Axis > Number tab, is Linked to source checked?

  DeborahC 14:01 15 Jul 2010

If I start a new excel sheet and chart, everything is fine. Something is stuck in this file with these charts only.
The link to source is not checked, but even if checked, nothing changes.
I noticed also that Format Axis:Number - Special was stuck on "French".
I have rebooted 3 times and for some reason now it is back to English.
Seems like 2007 is nothing short of plain buggy.
But thank you.

  VoG II 14:07 15 Jul 2010

I have hear of formatting changing 'of its own accord' in XL 2007 but not of loss of ability to set a format.

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