Lost Taskbar

  Pesala 19:27 16 Jul 2004

I have my Windows Start menu and taskbar at the top of the screen, and another one at the bottom like this: click here

Both are on autohide. The top one is fine, but the bottom one refuses to appear. I know it is there, because when I tried to recreate it, I was told it was not possible to have two toolbars on autohide on the same side of the screen.

Now I've lost my option to have a hidden toolbar at the bottom. How can I recover it or remove it so that I can recreate it? I don't use System Restore.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:37 16 Jul 2004

Booting into safe mode often makes it appear; then you can boot normally and it should be there again.

  Pesala 20:10 16 Jul 2004

No joy :(

  Pesala 21:11 16 Jul 2004

Tried changing my display resolution settings, icons sizes, moving my main taskbar to the right, etc. Then changed my desktop background and noticed a thin, 2" horizontal line on the desktop, which shouldn't have been there. Grabbed it with the mouse and resized it to recover the toolbar. Then dragged the toolbar back into place at the bottom. Weird. Maybe I should lock them to stop them getting moved by mistake.

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