lost sound in XP

  ady888s 20:51 11 Jul 2010

Some friends suggested we record some music a while back and I downloaded ‘Mixcraft’ (a free to try software studio). Thinking it would be dead easy to get it up and running, I plugged in the mic and after much tinkering, lost all sound out of my pc.

I did download a new audio driver during this foray (KB888111) which I’m pretty sure was the start of all my troubles. I’ve since uninstalled this (it said it would revert back to the previous setting after the uninstall but it hasn’t or in any case, there is still no sound).

When trying to play a file in WMP, it gives the message: ”…cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer. It might be in use by another program or it might not be functioning properly.”

The error message comes up on the web as: CO0D11BA
The separate speakers no longer work so I’m just trying to get sound from my monitor. If that works, I’ll invest in some new speakers later.
I don’t have a disc to do a fresh install and have tried system restore without success.

I don’t know if the sound is implicitly linked to the graphics card (ATI Radeon X600) because it’s the sound I’m trying to get from the monitor.

I’ve reinstalled Realtek ’97 for XP to no avail.
I’m not sure if more info is needed, particularly for the spec below. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


Motherboard ID 11/22/2005-i945P-6A79TG04C-00
Windows XP Home Edition v2002 SP3
Packard Bell, Pentium® D820 2.8, 1GB RAM
ATI Radeon X600

  MAT ALAN 21:01 11 Jul 2010

You might have answered your own question regarding the Kb888111 it seems to be an intel hotfix if you can get rid of that uninstall any other drivers and do a fresh install, it might work...

  ady888s 21:40 11 Jul 2010

Thanks ever so much for your speedy reply.

That sounds great and I saw elsewhere that someone was advised to uninstall all (?) the sound, video and game controllers.(On my comp, there are 2 audio codecs, 1 legacy audio driver, 1 media control device, and 1 legacy media capture device.)

3 (potentially stupid) questions:

Will I still be able to see whats on the screen if I haven't got video drivers?(!)(ie should I just uninstall the two audio related drivers or just the legacy audio driver?

Will the computer (Windows update?) automatically search for new audio drivers online as I do not have a disc?

Does the fresh install I would need to do have to be the Realtek software?

Thanks again for any replies,


  MAT ALAN 21:52 11 Jul 2010

The only drivers you are concearned with are audio not video, so no need to uninstall them JUST AUDIO

click here

new drivers from link...

windows will not search for these...

  ady888s 13:21 12 Jul 2010

Hi there,

I managed to get the HD audio off the system via registry and Driver Detective. I manually removed the legacy audio driver and then reinstalled Realtek AC97 but there is now no legacy audio driver installed (!?)

What's curious is that, having disabled onboard audio in the bios in order to attempt the above, the onboard audio in the BIOS now says its 'HD'. I'm sure it wasn't always HD audio on hte mobo: Somehow, the bios was altered when I installed the Realtek HDa few wekks ago it appears...?

Not sure where to go from here.

All help appreciated


  ady888s 13:23 12 Jul 2010

It also says 'no audio device' now.

  Audio~~Chip 13:48 12 Jul 2010

Might be worth a last minute try.
click here

What brand & model is your machine i'e Dell, Emachine, HP ?

  MAT ALAN 14:21 12 Jul 2010

If you suspect the bios has been altered by this hotfix you Could try clearing bios to default settings by taking CMOS battery out....

then try to reinstall audio drivers...

  ady888s 14:36 12 Jul 2010

Thanks ever so much guys, I now have sound.

I found an audio download for my mobo (not for my one exactly but one apparently close enough!). I realised after downloading that it was yet another HD driver! (although it was dated 2004/5). Anyhoo, it installed, found new hardware, I rebooted and viola.

Thanks again, wicked forum.


  MAT ALAN 14:47 12 Jul 2010

Nice job, thanks for the feedback...

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