Lost sound on pc please help

  bof:) 15:43 13 Feb 2008

Hi all, had a phonecall from my brother saying the dog had jumped onto his keyboard and pressed something, the PC had done a recover/restore or something.

He thought he'd lost all programs that he'd loaded on over the years although all of his personal letters/pictures/favourites/bookmarks etc where still there.

Now it appears he lost his sound as well,the grey speaker icon is no longer in his taskbar.

His PC is a HP Pavilion APUa 808.uk

I got him to run Belarc which said the following:

BIOS Award Software 3.21 11/04/2004

MB Microstar International BO.Ltd



I used the search option on this site to find a site that gave the Realtec AC97 driver as WDM-a404.exe which my brother says he has downloaded and installed on his PC.

After rebooting he still has no sound. The grey speaker icon is not on his task bar and in Control Panel the Audio settings are either missing or grey'd out.

Could someone please help with this ?

Many thanks,


Ps, Operating system on brothers PC is WinXP Home SP2.

  Clapton is God 15:45 13 Feb 2008

System Restore

  crosstrainer 15:49 13 Feb 2008

Open control panel > device manager

Scroll down to multimedia audio section.

highlight the ac97 (realtek) entry

Right click

Choose properties.

Choose remove

Re-boot and let windows find and install the driver.

A dog did this?

Bit ruff :)

  bof:) 16:19 13 Feb 2008

Hi all,

Clapton is God, cannot find system restore.

crosstrainer, did as you said and rebooted PC.

Have been told PC tries to run Scandisk every time it starts up. It freezes at zero percent at 3rd stage of 3. If you cancel this it loads as normal.

He is now trying putting a music cd in. Clicked play through Windows Media Player. Just showing hour glass on Windows Media screen, now PC has frozen.

Rebooting PC, Scandisk stops at 0% on stage 2 of 3.

Told Brother to leave PC to run too see if any thing happens. HD light is flashing.


  crosstrainer 16:24 13 Feb 2008

A re-installation of Windows may well be needed I'm afraid.

  Jak_1 16:28 13 Feb 2008

Go to the realtec website and download the drivers from there and then install. Simply dl to my documentsand then double click to start the instalation.

click here

  Clapton is God 16:38 13 Feb 2008

"cannot find system restore".

Start; All Programs, Accessories; System Tools; System Restore

  bof:) 16:46 13 Feb 2008

Hi all,

crosstrainer, you think so, its a good job he bought a restore CD from HP a few weeks ago :-)

Jak_1, we have already tried this yesterday as per my 1st posting but I'll download it from this site and try again if we get pst the ScanDisk.

Could it be that the HD needs defragging?


Ps crosstrainer yes it was really done by a dog :-)

  crosstrainer 16:50 13 Feb 2008

Have the cd, back up your data and do a clean install, should solve all your problems. Clever dog, must have been a big one?

  bof:) 17:55 13 Feb 2008

Hi all, brother has installed the Realtek 97 drivers and PC is now struggling to restart.

The only icon showing on the taskbar is the little yellow shield of Windows update but when you click on it nothing is happening.

He's rebooted the PC again. The Windows update is installing, sound effect icon has now appeared in the taskbar but not the grey speaker icon.

In Control Panel/Audio Devices/ device volume is greyed out/ speaker volume is greyed out/ advanced is greyed out.

Clapton is God, the System Restore is only showing for today, cannot go back a month etc.

My brother has again thried playig a music cd in Windows Media Player and gets the following message:

'WMP cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device, there may not be a sound device installed on your computer. It may be in use by another program or it may not be functioning properly'.

Odd isnt it,


  sharpamat 18:17 13 Feb 2008

Has the BIOS been checked to see if sound is still enabled If not enable it and dont forget to save before exiting,

Then open the volume control and ensure its not been muted

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