Lost sofware sites.

  tonyx1302 14:44 23 Jul 2004

I have just have just updated pc but cannot remember the site names for some of the software I had prior to updating.

One was a paid for cleanup prog. that had 'one-click' and optimizer in its package

One was a quick shutdown programe for XP (free) another was a clock prog.( free) that gave a large time showing in the right hand corner of the task bar and the last one was a spell check ( also free ) that was suggested by 'Chris the Ancient' a few weeks back which I cannot find any threads for
If anyone could give me the addresses I would be very grateful

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:58 23 Jul 2004

Iespell click here

  TomJerry 15:00 23 Jul 2004

Enter program name in google, searh for it.

Google first if you need any information.

  tonyx1302 15:35 23 Jul 2004

Thanks Fruit Bat for IE spell. Hi TomJerry. Unfortunately I cannot remember prog names and have searched Google but without prog. names it cannot help me

  spargo 16:30 23 Jul 2004

Try TClock for the clock prog. Google will find it for you.

  tonyx1302 17:46 23 Jul 2004

Thanks TomJerry thats the clock sorted!


  Belatucadrus 19:35 23 Jul 2004

Smart shutdown click here

or Quick Shutdown click here

  tonyx1302 20:03 23 Jul 2004

Hi Belatucadrus. Thanks for that one. It was Q/ Shutdown. The one I really need is the prog. that has a section called 'one-click' and include 'optimizer'. It is a great prog. that cleans and check everything.It was a trial that I brought when the trial finished and I cannot remember what it was called. I have installed more memory and a new chip on my pc so could it still be on my system do you think?



  tonyx1302 22:25 23 Jul 2004

Thanks Belatucadrus for your 'free software' thread which I have now saved. ( should have saved it when you posted it ) I went through it and found a link to the prog I wanted plus some others. It is called TuneUp Utilities and I have found it very usefull. Sorry for the delay in getting back, but once I started downloading what I needed I couldn't stop

  tonyx1302 22:27 23 Jul 2004

Sorry, signed off a bit quick. Thanks again B'drus and have a good weekend. You've made mine.


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