lost right mouse click options

  pete-290318 07:13 07 Jun 2004

when I "right click" on the desktop or in an open folder, I no longer get the options to " send to" or the "create new folder"

Does anyone know how to get these options back or why this may have happend because I havent installed or deleted anything that I can think of.
I'm running ME.


  pete-290318 07:40 07 Jun 2004


the "send to" option is there ....

its just the create or open new folder option that has dissappeared ...

  Diodorus Siculus 07:46 07 Jun 2004

Do you have TweakUI installed? That will give options for what is available via the right click. If you don't have it, you can find it on Microsoft.com.

  pete-290318 13:11 07 Jun 2004


  Diodorus Siculus 13:48 07 Jun 2004

No tweakUI then?

  pete-290318 18:58 07 Jun 2004

sorry diodorus...

yes I downloaded tweakui and clicking the "new" tab brings a list of the programs that should be accessed by the right click or the "file" menu.

however, If I right click the desktop or go to file in an open existing folder the "new" option is not there.

also when I am downloading and get the option to save to my documents and click on the new folder icon, nothing happens.

I dont know what file or reg entry governs the "new" option but it was working on friday and not on sunday and all I have done is install a game. uninstalling has made no difference and I wouldnt have thought a game installation would have affected this option.

Any ideas as I'm lost


  pete-290318 22:26 07 Jun 2004

looks like nobody has had this problem before ...

Its driving me mad coz there must be some setting that has changed but I dont know the file that gives the options on the toolbar, or is it just something in a program that I'll never find ...

this is last bump before closing and reformatting coz I cant organise anything without opening a new folder and at the moment I'm reduced to copying an existing folder, renaming it and then deleting the contents to form a new empty folder.

thanks for any help

  pete-290318 01:21 08 Jun 2004

formatted drive. all ok now.

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