Lost "My Documents" only have "Public Documents"

  dangerus1 14:14 22 Jan 2013

I have been trying to set my PC up as it was before being repaired. I was setting a "Home Group" so I can access files from my Netbook downstairs instead of constantly running upstairs. I have somehow lost all the "My" folders Documents/Music/Pictures and only have "Public" folders. Is there a way to retrieve these?

  dangerus1 14:40 22 Jan 2013

I have just recovered them thanks to this article, http://headstrongfarm.hubpages.com/hub/Windows-7-MovingMyDocuments Sorry, I don't know how to do a link. It was simple really, sorry for any time wasted.

  dangerus1 14:43 22 Jan 2013

Link doesn't work, this might


  lotvic 15:40 22 Jan 2013

Here's your link Moving My Documents

It's the lower line _ in a url address that messes it up. If there are 2 of them the text inbetween formats to italics and breaks the link.

It works okay if you copy the url then highlight some words in your post and click on the blue globe with green arrow and then paste your url into the popup box (overwrite the http that is in there - you only want one)

  john bunyan 16:16 22 Jan 2013

This link is ok for w7, to move them to another partition:

Moving My documents

  dangerus1 18:50 22 Jan 2013

Thanks for that lotvic and John B things are often very simple to do when they are explained to me. I sometimes wonder where the regulars on here get their knowledge from.

Thanks again.

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