Lost Processor Speed

  Russ100 10:25 16 Aug 2009

My processor is an Athlon XP2400, at least it always was.

All of a sudden Windows XP Pro is showing it as an XP1800, as is the initial boot-up screen.

I'm flummoxed as to why this should be.

I can only assume that the BIOS is screwed up somehow but that's not something I've ever mucked about with.

Anyone got any suggestions?

  Quiller. 10:39 16 Aug 2009

Your FSB has changed in the bios.

Check in the bios as to the speed it is running at. It will show either 100Mhz or 133Mhz.

post back details.

  Quiller. 10:47 16 Aug 2009

The 2400 should run at 266 X 15 or 133Mhz. Yours seems to be 200 X 15 or 100Mhz.

Change the FSB to 133Mhz in the bios. Save the changes and exit.

What motherboard is it?

  canarieslover 11:02 16 Aug 2009

Follow above instructions with regard to FSB speed and also change motherboard battery or you will probably find it re-setting every time you re-boot.

  Russ100 11:09 16 Aug 2009

Thanks Dick, that's done the trick. Point noted re battery.

Would the PC have been running slower as a result of the change to the FSB speed. I'm a total novice when it comes to anything to do with the BIOS (other than selecting boot device)?

  Quiller. 11:21 16 Aug 2009

Would the PC have been running slower as a result of the change to the FSB speed.

Slightly slower. It would have been running at 1500 Mhz instead of it's proper speed of nearly 2000Mhz.

If the wall power socket is never switched off to the computer, it should not affect the bios battery. If you do switch off at the mains, then it's exactley as canarieslover says.

  Russ100 12:30 16 Aug 2009

Thanks for that info.

New battery fitted.

Assistance much appreciated.


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