pooperscooper 07:42 20 Jun 2006

Hi, I have lost my printscreen capability, can anyone help me to get it up and running again, it used to work a treat now all of a sudden it just wint work, I am running win. xp home. Thanks

  jack 08:43 20 Jun 2006

I wonder if you have! or perhaps you have forgotten what to do?
Pressing Alt/Prnt Screen put into the clip board an image of the screen.
Pressing Ctrl/Prnt Screen puts into the clip board an image of the open window.

You then open your Image Editor
Go to Edit and click paste -selecting new image/or new layer as desired.

  pooperscooper 08:50 20 Jun 2006

Hi Jack, I usually paste it into word, I use it quite a lot so I am doing it correctly,I have never used my image editor to do this just word...Thanks

  jack 09:03 20 Jun 2006

That works fine too[ I have Office 2000] just tried it for you.
So what Else?
Perhaps your Word has developed a Glitch.
Try it into an image editor- that will prove the it works- from the image edit save as new image and try to import that into word.

Failing that- Ask the question in the Word Help file.
to see if there are any clues- you make have to think up different ways of asking the same question.
If no Joy
Then uninstall word and reinstall it [Assuming you have the disk of course]

  pooperscooper 10:05 20 Jun 2006

Hi Jack, Thanks I will try some other things....

  Eric10 10:26 20 Jun 2006

I had this problem once and it turned out that the ALT key on the keyboard wasn't working. To check this out make sure that the Num Lock light is on then in Word hold down the ALT key and type a 3 digit number below 255 then let go of the ALT key. A character should appear on your page e.g. ALT and 197 gives + while ALT and 201 gives +.
By the way it's 'ALT+Print Screen' that captures the current Window and 'Print Screen' alone for the full screen.

  Eric10 10:28 20 Jun 2006

Well the correct characters appeared in the message box before I posted.

  titan726 08:02 23 Sep 2006

well, You can obtain screen capture by several approch. if you can not print screen by using the hardware method, Why not try some screen capture software, such as ACA capture PRO.

ACA capture PRO has enhanced screen capture function. with ACA capture PRO, you can capture
images such as selected area images, web pages and window's menu images.

By the way, you can get more information about the ACA capture PRO from it's website:
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