Lost Pictures in Win XP

  User-52D347B9-29BD-4B4A-8760E15AD05DBA65 19:38 26 Sep 2005

My computer locked up and when I switched off Win XP I got an error message which I have forgotten. Next time I switched on I found that all my settings had gone, including my desktop settings, IE favorites, and worst of all, all my documents including My Pictures. Everything except My Pictures is unimportant, and I think the pics are still somewhere invisible on my hard drive because of the amount of hard drive space that is used up. How can I locate them? I have tried System Restore and various XP searches to no avail. Is there a program that will help?

  mattyc_92 19:41 26 Sep 2005

What version of XP? Home or Pro?

Home version

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:52 26 Sep 2005

File recovery :-
Badcopy Pro click here
file_recovery click here
R_Studio click here
Easyrecovery click here

Drive Rescue click here

  stalion 19:53 26 Sep 2005

go to run type sfc /scannow and let windows check it's files you may need your xp cd
note the space between c and /

  mattyc_92 19:54 26 Sep 2005

You first have to boot into safe mode.... To do this, reboot your system and keep tapping "F8" on your keyboard until you get a "list" in DOS. Using the arrow keys, highlight the "Safe Mode" option and press enter.

Now that you have booted into safe mode, login as yourself (or the built-in administrator account, either is fine). You need to navigate to "c:\documents and settings\username\my documents\my pictures" once you have logged in. The "username" is what your username was for when you had those pictures on the system. Right-click this folder, and select "Properties".... Now click onto "Security" and select "Add". Click onto "Advanced", followed by "Find Now" and select YOUR account name which you are currently logged in as. Now click OK and OK on the other dialog message. Now click onto the "tick box" called "Full Control" and click OK.

You should now be able to access this folder and files.

Thanks everyone, there's plenty there to keep me going! I'll get back to you when I have had a go at your suggestions.

  zemdarin 20:12 26 Sep 2005

If all else fails download Picasa 2 from Google that will find every photo you have on your computer and put them in the right order, all on its own.

  mattyc_92 20:13 26 Sep 2005

I forgot to say that from the "username" folder onwards, you may not be able to access. To overcome this, do what I said (about the "security") from the first folder you can't access and you should be fine. Remember to click onto "Advance" from the "Security" tab so that you can click onto "Replace permission entries on all child objects with shown entries here that apply to child objects" option.

You may also need to untick the "Inherit from parent........" option so that you can change them.

I tried the file recovery programs but they weren’t suitable for various reasons. The one which worked the best was Drive Rescue 1.9d, but it only found deleted files, my pics not among them. Picasa 2 only listed pics already accessible. So I tried mattyc-92’s suggestion which I printed off. However once in SAFE mode and navigated to My Pictures folder and selected Properties, there was no “Security” option, only “General” Am I looking in the wrong place? There is a “Sharing” option in ordinary mode but that doesn’t seem to be what you mean.
Incidentally, I haven’t changed my username from when I lost the pics, just rebooted using System Restore and hey presto an empty My Docs folder! I have a feeling mattyc-92 is on the right track if I can follow his instructions.
The pics seem to be misplaced rather than deleted. But they are not listed when I do a full Drive search.
After all this downloading of programs they are probably overwritten by now!

  Confab 16:47 28 Sep 2005

This probably sounds daft but you have checked the recycle bin?

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