lost pictures

  User-0863820E-D914-4CCE-BDE9879AF4A37D6B 16:09 23 Mar 2004

I recently burnt some wedding photos on to a cd using Nero express. I have been told since that I should have used the Data format, but unfortunately I chose Video/pictures. I now can't access the photos because nothing seems to recognise the format. Is there anything that will recognise them or is there any way I can copy them back on to the HD and change the format.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


  hugh-265156 17:01 23 Mar 2004

what file extension do they have .jpeg .tiff etc?

  SGT [email protected] 17:08 23 Mar 2004

what happened to the original files on your pc or camera , they must still be somewhere unless you deleted them (yes u can get them back)

when u burn something to a cd the original always stays on the hdd.

I've managed to copy them back onto the HD and they have a .dat extention. Sadly I have removed the originals from the camera and the HD.

  britto 18:34 23 Mar 2004

If you have not taken more pictures with the camera you may be able to recover them let us know.

  Wes Tam ;-) 19:03 23 Mar 2004

Doesn't the .dat extension indicate that you burnt the pictures as data?

To view pictures via a DVD player surely they should be .jpeg files?

  britto 20:03 23 Mar 2004

When you burn a vcd with nero it burns the files as .dat files so they play on most stand alone dvd players,To keep a copy of the orignal jpg files on the same disc you have to put a tick in the Store Source Pictures box on the compilation page before you burn the disc.These then can be viewed on any computer.

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