Lost photo files

  setanta23 10:05 06 Sep 2008

My son is completing his NVQ and has taken a lot of photos which he transferred from camera to pc.

He then tried to copy these files to a memory stick to take to college and everything seemed to go wrong. He is now left with the photos on my computer showing a location of "shortcut to image" and nothing on the memory stick. when we try and open the photo it states the driver network is not available please insert disc

Is there anyway I can get these back as I am certain they are somewhere on my system if only I could find them

  Pepper9 12:02 06 Sep 2008

Type in search forum for "Program to get you photos back" - Woodchip sent out a free programme that would allow you to restore photos from sticks, discs etc. It does work!

  Pepper9 12:04 06 Sep 2008

How do I add the link from an old forum message to a new one if I want to point someone back to an older message which is relevant please?

  Pepper9 12:05 06 Sep 2008

Oops sorry - this was meant t go as a new message!! Senior moment!

  Pepper9 17:11 06 Sep 2008

Try this
click here

  setanta23 15:37 09 Sep 2008

Woodchip sent me the file and i ran it and it found 4.5gig on my c drive

so unless someone can come up with an idea on where the missing photos have got to I will consider the mmatter closed and go through this lot 1 at a time

  lotvic 15:05 15 Jan 2009

On page 8 of Pepper9's link to Woodchips thread "Program to get you photos back" click here Rigga has hosted the .zip file for download from click here
it will download straight away when you click on link.

And thanks Woodchip and Pepper9 and Rigga, I have just had cause to get this prog (again) and use it :)

  Technotiger 15:11 15 Jan 2009

When trying to copy the pics to the memory stick, all he has copied is the Short-cut to the photos on the PC, that is why they do not appear on the memory stick. There are no pics on the memory stick, so running the pic recovery program will make no difference.

  six-h 18:19 15 Jan 2009

Just browsing, and found this little gem!

Hope I don't have to use it in earnest, but it's in the "bank" ..just in case....;-)

  Pineman100 18:45 15 Jan 2009

Why doesn't he simply run a search of his computer in Windows Explorer?

If he knows the full file name of one of the photos, he could search on that (the others will presumably be in the same folder). Or if not, he could search for "*.jpg" (without the quotes). This should find all the photos on his computer.

But he'll need to be patient - it could be a long search.

  skidzy 19:11 15 Jan 2009

An even easier way is download and install Picasa click here upon installation it will scan the harddrive and find all the available photos.

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