lost password

  Brock100 13:46 31 Mar 2004

My niece has just phoned me and told me she has lost the password to her pc she is only 8 and as yet cannot tell me if she is useing 98 or xp. is there an easy way around the log on screen or is it back to the shop!!!
any help is appriciated so i can go up there tonight with some sort of idea.
thanks in advance

  MichelleC 13:55 31 Mar 2004

If it's 98:
Password log-in- disabling

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Passwords and tick the little button which says "All users use the same preferences", click OK and you should be asked to re-boot, do so. When you have re-booted the Log-on box will appear again, this time enter your name but don't enter a password leave it blank, don't even click on the password field, then click OK (NOT Cancel)and Windows should load. Now go to Start > Shutdown and re-boot again. This time the Log-on box shouldn't appear.

In Control Panel > network properties: Make sure the logon type is set to "Windows Logon"

Do a search for *.PWL and delete all results

Delete "C:\Windows\Profiles" folder

Now when you reboot you should get a screen that says you can enter no password (but a username is required) and it will not pop up anymore.

If it's xp:
1- boot to the windows xp/2000 CD
, 2- press enter to start setup
, 3- press F8 for the license agreement
, 4- when you get the option to repair the current installation press R to do so
, 5- let it run through and for windows XP wait until it reboots and is installing, devices then press shift F10 to open a command prompt. For windows 2000 wait until it is registering components then press shift F10 to open a command prompt.
, 6- In windows XP either type in "nusrmgr.cpl" w/o quotation marks at the command prompt and press enter. For windows 2000 type in "control.exe" w/o quotation marks and press enter. This should open up the user accounts applet in XP and the regular control panel in 2000.
, 7- select the users and change or remove their passwords accordingly, apply
settings and close the control panel windows and command prompt windows so that
just setup is running again.
, 8- let the inplace upgrade finish

The user should now be able to log in when it finishes and not have to reinstall
the programs like in a parallel install.

  Brock100 14:25 31 Mar 2004

thanks MichelleC

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