Lost Partion

  Blake 21:56 06 May 2004

My hard disk (20Gb)was formatted as C:(14Gb) and D:(6Gb) my CD was f:.
operating systems and programs on C: and all other data files on D:
Today I can't access my data at all, my CD has become D: and C: is reporting only 14Gb.
I'm not sure if my son has given the wrong response to Scandisk (access partion question) as he says the PC crashed yesterday or what has happened.
I did save an Excel file to D: last night so it seems to have disappeared today.
OS is Windows 98 SE. I'm not sure what method was used to partion initially.
Can someone please help - I've an awful lot of files missing!!!

  Blake 22:03 06 May 2004

of course I meant Partition

  LastChip 22:05 06 May 2004

We need to establish whether it's a Windows problem, or something more significant.

Shut down your computer, but on the shutdown screen, select start in DOS. When your machine has restarted, you should get to a DOS prompt, something like this;


At that prompt type;

D: [enter] (D and a colon)

and see if you change to a D: prompt. If so, now type;

dir /p [enter] (dir, space and /p)

and see what files are showing. If all is well at this point, the drive is safe (along with your files) and it is simply a Window's access problem that we need to address.

  Blake 19:22 09 May 2004

Thanks LastChip
Sorry for the delay - been away.
All the files appear to be there when accessed from MSDOS.
Also when booting Windows from DOS (ie type Win and enter) D drive is present with all the files, but not when Windows is booted normally.
How do I get Windows to access these files?

  LastChip 22:14 09 May 2004

Try this.

Go back to a pure DOS environment (not a DOS window) and at the C:\WINDOWS> prompt type;

scanreg /restore (scanreg space /restore)

The utility will now give you the last five good registries in US date style mm/dd/yy. Pick a date prior to your problem and let the system set itself back to before you lost the drive.

Now see if your drive is back where it should be.

Let us know please.

  Blake 20:25 10 May 2004

Well this is weird. I accessed a file I required through DOS. Then after turning off the PC and rebooting my lost drive is back! - Any ideas why?
It's still here so I haven't tried the Registry restore.
Thanks for your help, but I would like to know why it seems to have been restored after an excursion into DOS.

  LastChip 00:24 11 May 2004

The fact that you accessed the file in DOS, probably reestablished the link in the registry, but it's only a guess.

Glad it's sorted.

  Blake 17:51 11 May 2004

Thanks for your help.
After years of using Windows I'd forgotten how useful DOS commands were...ahhh the good old days.

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