lost offline facility

  jimmer409® 20:11 30 Oct 2006

ie7 has removed this facility, does firefox2 provide for offline saving and if so how many layers? help appreciated

  VoG II 20:17 30 Oct 2006

I have File > Work Offline in IE7.

  Scouter 20:19 30 Oct 2006

I have ie7 > tools > work offlne

  anskyber 20:20 30 Oct 2006

That's true but it has been replaced, in a way, by the feeds. MS say "Offline Favorites--Offline Favorites and Scheduled Offline Favorites have been removed from Internet Explorer 7. Internet Explorer supports RSS feeds, which provide scheduled updates to web content and offline reading of this content. "

  VoG II 20:23 30 Oct 2006

Right click toolbar, Menu bar to display the menu.

click here to put the menu bar at the top of the window.

  yaesu 20:27 30 Oct 2006

Hi, I used to be able to "make page available offline" which is what I think jimmer409 is asking. Since "updating" to ie7 I can't see how to do this. Might be me missing something obvious! Any ideas?

  anskyber 20:28 30 Oct 2006

Have a look at my post.

  Scouter 20:33 30 Oct 2006

Sorry I cannot tell if firefox has the facility but the help file in IE 7 gives advice on making web pages availabel offline

To save a webpage on your computer
In Internet Explorer, click the Page button, and then click Save As.
Navigate to the folder you want to save the page in.
In the File name box, type a name for the page.
In the Save as type box, do one of the following:
To save all of the files needed to display this page, including graphics, frames, and style sheets, select Webpage, complete. This option saves each file in its original format.
To save all of the information needed to display this page in a single file, click Web Archive, single file. This option saves a snapshot of the current webpage. This option is available only if you have installed Outlook Express 5 or later.
To save just the current HTML page, click Webpage, HTML only. This option saves the information on the webpage, but it does not save the graphics, sounds, or other files.
To save just the text from the current webpage, click Text File. This option saves the information on the webpage in text format.

  jimmer409® 20:34 30 Oct 2006

yaesu, yes this is what i'm asking, how do you now make pages available offline to read later, you can click page/down arrow/save as, but no option to save x pages deep, second part does ff2 allow offline service?

  jimmer409® 20:42 30 Oct 2006

thanks scouter, yes aware of this facility, but only allows the three basic options, i require the old offline provision of ie6.

  yaesu 15:27 31 Oct 2006

Sorry for late response, work called. jimmer409, thought that's what you meant. Scouter, yes that works but what a convoluted way to acheive what was available with just a couple of clicks in ie6, ah well the price of progress I suppose!
Regards, yaesu

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