lost newsgroups in outlook express

  athenrye 19:32 14 Jun 2006

hi i was on the other evening when i lost all my folders and emails in outlook express, thanks for trying to help but i gave up in the end, it was getting to hard

the thing is ive started again with making new folders etc, and ive noticed that my newsgroups section is missing
anybody any ideas how to get them back

  VoG II 19:34 14 Jun 2006

Tools, Accounts, News tab. Click Add to add a Newsgroup.

  VoG II 19:37 14 Jun 2006

From the Help:

To subscribe to a newsgroup

The benefit of subscribing is that the newsgroup is included in your Folders list for easy access. You can subscribe to a newsgroup in any of the following ways:

When you add a news server, Outlook Express prompts you to subscribe to newsgroups on that server.
Click a news server name in your Folders list, and then click Newsgroups. Select the newsgroup that you want to subscribe to, and then click Subscribe. You can also unsubscribe here.
When you double-click a name in the Newsgroup list, a subscription is automatically generated.


When you view a newsgroup without subscribing to it, its name appears in your Folders list. Right-click the name and then click Subscribe. For more information about viewing a newsgroup without subscribing to it, click Related Topics below.
To view a newsgroup you subscribe to, click its name in the Folders list.
To cancel your subscription to a newsgroup, click Newsgroups, click the Subscribed tab, select the group you want, and then click Unsubscribe. You can also right-click the newsgroup in your Folders list and then click Unsubscribe.

  athenrye 19:41 14 Jun 2006

hi guys
ive got to the point "add a newsgroup"
but it then asks what my "NNTP news sever is?"
im on blueyonder, any ideas

its not just the newsgroups that arent there, its the whole lot, no mention of newsgroups...

  VoG II 19:51 14 Jun 2006

click here is for OE5 but hopefully you can follow it.

  athenrye 22:59 14 Jun 2006

hi vog
yes this worked great for me
i knew i had lost everthing the other night

i have to be honest now and say that this forum is the best thing ive ever done with a computer

if it wasnt for all the sound helpful advice id be stuck every time

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