Lost nero vision project, Disaster! Plz help

  square eyes 08:35 30 Sep 2006

I cant beleive i've done this. Ive have spent a whole week, bout 30 hours creating a dvd with nero vision. I do have the converted dvd but i hadn finished editing.
Usualy when i delete movies from nero vision, i can get them back as long as i dont save after deleting, but this time all but one movie has gone (bout 36 out of 37) I dont remember pressing save as im careful not to do that.

System restore only affects settings i believe,i havent switched the pc off in case there is some way of reversing that save.

Surely there's a way, have i really lost all that work?

I close down nero vision but not computer

What are my chances?

  pj123 10:21 30 Sep 2006

Import the DVD you have back in to Nero using "Make your own DVD Video".

You will get an option to "Import Disc".

Once you have it back on your hard disk you can continue to edit but you will have to burn it to another DVD when finished.

  square eyes 17:27 30 Sep 2006

Thanks for advice

I can only import disc if i have it on disc, i have it on the HDD.

I dont want to import the vob files, i want the original state nack again, as i hadn't transcoded it properly.

Im surprised that its so easy to save and consequently loose loads of work, lesson is to copy the file avery session.

Any other ideas please, ive only put into hibernate since i made the mistake.

  pj123 17:59 30 Sep 2006

Sorry, but you did say "I do have the converted dvd" which I assumed was the original DVD you started with.

OK, so same thing. Use Nero "Make your own DVD Video."

This time select "Add Video Files".

Point it to the file you have on the hard disk.

  square eyes 18:15 30 Sep 2006

Sorry, wasnt being clear.

I had converted my project but not properly.
The issue was i was getting very low frame rate on the joins and inserted text.

I then discovered last night that if i do 2-pass VBR the end result when burnt was superb, no low fps, thats when i came a cropper.
I was experimenting on selecting "shut down pc when finished" as it was going to take a long time to Transcode with that setting. but the dam things saved it with only one movie instead of the 37 i had.

I just tried importing the vob files i had created, i used 2-pass VBR and it's still the way it was.

I want to use the 30 gig of imported video in "imported video" i had along with the file with the instructions. if im making sense,
Basically im desperate to recover my project so i can transcode it properly.

We have a system restore that can help out in some cases and unfortunately they brag that it wint affect saved documents. What a shame!!

  square eyes 18:48 30 Sep 2006

Got to go to work now, but would love to hear any other suggestions, i have only hibernate, not shut down, so maybe its still in the memory??

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