lost my web site

  dobbin 15:04 20 Aug 2008

Since 1998 I have had a web site hosted by btinternet.com/~myusername. However this has suddenly vanished and I have phoned all round bt and cannot get anyone to help me.

Can anyone advise me what I can do about finding the site as there are a few things on there I would like to retrieve.

  anchor 15:42 20 Aug 2008

One possible reason is that you do not either use BT Internet as your regular ISP, or have not logged on via their connection for a some while.

I cannot recall what the time period is for BT, for some ISP`s it is 30 days, others up to 90 days.

If neither applies, then I am sorry, I can`t help. Hopefully, you have a back up of the files originally installed on the BT site, as I suspect they have gone for good from the BT server.

  dobbin 16:14 20 Aug 2008

I fear you may be right, anchor, although I do use bt as my regular ISP I just download emails via outlook express and never actually log in. The frustrating thing is that I cannot get to speak to anyone in bt.

  octal 16:55 20 Aug 2008

That's a shame if they've just done that without the at least informing you. If you've still got all your files then you could upload them to another free host like GeoCities click here I've had a web page with them for years, the only prerequisite is that you sign in every so often, I usually just update the date at the bottom of the page when it was last changed, and you accept there are adverts down the right hand side, but they can be got rid of by closing the window so they are quite unobtrusive.

  dobbin 08:33 21 Aug 2008

I agree it would have been nice if they had told me before shutting it down. Thanks for the link to geocities I will give it a try. The really frustrating thing is that you cannot get to speak to anyone in bt about it - I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday being shoved from department to department and each one said it was not their responsibility.

  DieSse 12:22 21 Aug 2008

Bettr than Geocities, try Awardspace. You can have a free account, with no ads or pop-ups, and also a free subdomain name (up to five actually) of the for myname.awardspace.com.

I even use it for some small non-profit sites and it works really well. Good performance, proper control panel, etc

click here

If you're interested and willing to give out your proper site name, and some details - either publicly or privately via email - I'm sure I and/or others would take a look at the BT site for you to see if we could help. If you've got all the site still in your system, however, this wouldn't be necessary.

  dobbin 12:55 21 Aug 2008

I've got most of it backed up although not sure which files are old redundant and which are new and current.

I don't mind giving out the details it's click here.

Its just annoying as it was useful for trying things out prior to putting things out on my commercial web site. When I was forced to switch from bt domestic to bt business as my ISP I was assured that I could keep the old emails and web hosting facilities.

  DieSse 13:29 21 Aug 2008

An internal server error doesn't look to me like they canceled your account.

The awardspace offering allows you to have 5 subdomains - and as it's not linked to an ISP, it doesn't expire.

I use it for testing as well as live sites - can't fault it.

  DieSse 13:29 21 Aug 2008

What happens when you try to log on to the ftp account?

  medicine hat 14:25 21 Aug 2008

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