Lost my drop downs since adding spyware!

  littlestan 07:22 11 May 2008

Hi - I put on my laptop yesterday ccleaner and two spyware freebies recommended from helpful forum members - but now on my very top drop down (where all the www's are) they are all gone! Could someone tell me how to get them back please! Many thanks

  wiz-king 07:42 11 May 2008

Ccleaner will have removed them - as part of its cleanup. I dont think you can recover them, but someone may know how. If you put sites into 'favorites' then they dont get removed as part of the cleanup.

  Technotiger 07:50 11 May 2008

Hi, I assume you are referring to your History of visited Sites - if you have used CCleaner you may have removed your History. You could click on History in the Menu to see if anything is there. You should also check in Tools>Internet Options and see what settings you have enabled for retaining history for X number of days (might be set at zero).

  littlestan 08:40 11 May 2008

Thanks both - technotiger - i didnt have it set at zero unfortunately and possibly wiz-king i will have to do as you suggest from now on and save things in my favourites - just i found that bar very useful! ah well hopefully the ccleaner and spyware is more important than my history bar!

  Sea Urchin 09:59 11 May 2008

If you open CCleaner and under Internet Explorer remove the ticks from History and Recently Typed URLs this should sort your problem. It won't of course recover the ones you've lost, but it will stop them disappearing in the future.

  littlestan 16:15 11 May 2008

Thanks Sea Urchin - tried that but no joy and unticked some boxes in applications too - not sure if i should have done! - but it is annoying just to get a big blank on the history bar - obviously something to do with ccleaner but many thanks for trying to sort

  birdface 18:01 11 May 2008

Are you using Xp Pro Add-on or using add block.If none of those 2 and you are using I/E try tools internet options.Settings.Automatically should be dotted at the top.And how many days to keep them[Mine is set for 20 days.]Ok.

  birdface 18:10 11 May 2008

Forget the bottom part of that you have already tried it.What was the 2 spyware freebies that you downloaded.I keep all the sites that I wan't to keep in my Favorites as well.I use IE7 pro and have that to remove Cookies. History. and Temporary folders every time I close I/E.

  littlestan 18:31 11 May 2008

Hi Buteman - I have vista and my laptop is only 6 months old so excuse my ignorance but not sure what I/E i have, not techno minded but thank heavens for this site - but assume latest. The two spywares were superantispyware and spywareblaster. I do also now keep sites in my favourites - but its one of those problems that has occurred which is irritating as it was all ok before i downloaded the three freebies - its not the end of the world but i would like my history tool bar back if poss! I'm assuming its ticking or unticking the right boxes, but appreciate you (all) trying to solve this problem.

  birdface 18:48 11 May 2008

I meant Internet Explorer.Yes looks like C Cleaner.But it should be starting to fill up your history again every time you reboot.Or is it still clear with nothing showing.SpywareBlaster is Ok and should do no harm.Superantispyware I have not used so don't know if that clears your history.You don't press tools .Delete browsing History do you.That would remove it.Or do you use Firefox.

  littlestan 19:13 11 May 2008

I dont have firefox. and didnt delete browsing history - although i had a weird pop up thing saying "delete browsing history not responding" when i was on my finepix site and could not get rid of it until i switched my machine off.

If it helps the UNTICKED boxes on the 'windows' tab ccleaner are ........ temporary internet files, history, recently typed URLs,autocomplete form history.

On the 'applications' tab those UNTICKED are internet history, saved form information. Not sure if any of that makes sense.

on tools - the delete browsing history is still there in black writing - as are the other topics in tools. Hope this is not too much info

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