Lost Menus in Word

  lazanda 10:28 22 Jan 2004

Hi, I am using office 2k pro and all the menus have disappeared from the top in word, I have tried everything even an uninstall/reinstall of office and they dont come back,

Top of the screen starts with 'file' 'edit' 'view' etc and no icons such as save, cut copy paste etc are to be seen.

any ideas ?

  Ben Avery 10:51 22 Jan 2004
  scotty 10:53 22 Jan 2004

These toolbars have to be selected. Go to VIEW, select TOOLBARS and click on any of the available choices. STANDARD will give you CUT, COPY, PASTE etc.

  Ben Avery 10:56 22 Jan 2004
  Ben Avery 10:57 22 Jan 2004

simply right click on the Menu bar (File, Edit etc etc) in a blank space and select the ones you want!


  lazanda 11:05 22 Jan 2004

Sorry guys I seem to have give you duff info.

I dont even have file,edit, etc etc. I have nothing at all.

(It must have been a vision in my head that I did)

Anyway, nothing.

  scotty 11:08 22 Jan 2004

If you move the mouse to the top of the page do File, Edit etc appear?

  lazanda 11:10 22 Jan 2004

I just have the ruler and the page and nothing appears.

  scotty 11:15 22 Jan 2004

If you press Alt + F do you get the File dropdown menu?

  lazanda 11:19 22 Jan 2004

Its brought up the menu bar and I have selected a standard menu which has brought my menus back,

Thanks all


  Taff36 11:21 22 Jan 2004

Have you tried deleting normal.dot from your templates and then restarting Word? It will rebuild normal.dot for you and everything should reappear !

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