Lost master boot record

  jaimie 19:22 10 Jun 2009

I'm tinkering with an old computer which was given to me minus a hard drive. I have installed a spare HDD and tried to install Windows XP from a spare licenced copy I have. The bios reports the master boot record to be missing and so starts to load from the CD. However, it only goes as far as choosing a partition and won't go any further. There is only unallocated space on this HD and the create comand doesn't work and neither does the delete command so I can't get windows to install. Anyone got a suggestion of how I can get over this hurdle please. The comp is not very old and irtran XP in a previous life where I work.



  DieSse 19:46 10 Jun 2009

"create comand" - ????

What create command where?

You mean when XP starts from the CD, you can't set up a partition and format it?

  DieSse 19:48 10 Jun 2009

Try downloading Killdisk and zeroing out the drive - then at least it will be in a known state, just like a new drive.

click here

  jaimie 19:59 10 Jun 2009

Hi DieSse, when windows is setting up and gets to the bit where it asks which partition to install it on there is only an "un-allocated" partition which it says is not XP compatible. the choices are delete it and create a new one but niether of these commands work in my set-up.



  jaimie 20:01 10 Jun 2009

How do I install Kildisk if I can't get into my HDD? I can easily download it on my other comp.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:13 10 Jun 2009

Run kill disk from a floppy.

  jaimie 05:02 12 Jun 2009

I have put in an old HDD which I had lying around which had a licenced copy of XP on it and it started right up and after activating with Microsoft everything is OK. Thanks for help everyone



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