Lost Magnifier Windows XP

  standby 19:51 25 Aug 2006

Shortcut opens the Magnifier settings window but Magnifier not available for use.

System restore refuses to retore to an earlier date...advice would be appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 19:53 25 Aug 2006

click here
scannow sfc - how to use SFC.EXE (system file checker)

  standby 09:48 27 Aug 2006

Thanks Diodorus',

scannow sfc drew a blank and System Restore still no help though files restored for period back three weeks.

Did hope to be able to download a Magnifier version


  Stuartli 10:26 27 Aug 2006

Have you tried reinstalling Accessories from Control Panel>Add/Remove Windows Components?

  standby 10:44 27 Aug 2006


Have tried from control panel and CD but magnifier not listed/available. Well into eighties with vision sadly to match so this accessory helps a lot.

Many thanks.

  VoG II 10:48 27 Aug 2006

How about Taskbar Magnifier click here

  standby 14:48 27 Aug 2006


Unlocked taskbar... downloaded the Taskbar Magnifier but no shortcut available on Start menu or Task Bar to permit use of the system.

Repeated download a couple of times with same result, have to admit this makes no sense to me because setup should be 541 kb but is shown to be 0.00 kbts on Control Panel Add/Remove programs. Downloading all seems normal to me.

Still hoping.


  VoG II 14:55 27 Aug 2006

Right click the taskbar, Toolbars > Taskbar Magnifier.

  Stuartli 15:09 27 Aug 2006

You have, presumably, also used the Start>Programs>Accessories>Accessibility>Magnifier route to check whether the Windows magnifier is still available?

  standby 15:23 27 Aug 2006

Many thanks everyone for your help, I am rather slow on the uptake Vog but can now appreciate the task bar magnifier and find with task bar height increased that it is even better than the missing item.

Knew from past experience that help would be available on the Forum.

My best regards to all.

  bof:) 20:02 27 Aug 2006

Hi standby, I also have sight problems, did you know you can hold down ctrl key plus the + key on your keyboard to enlarge webpages...use ctrl plus the - sign to reduce them.

Also some webpages can be enlarged if you hold down crtl button and then move your scroll up and down roller on your mouse if you have one.

click here

is also a free maginfying tool


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