lost key to ms office 2003

  Ant two 23:40 10 Jun 2009

I've been asked to try and speed up a laptop by doing a bit of house work on it. It's running windows xp, with the hard drive split in to 2 equal partitions. Partition c was full to busting while d was almost empty.
First job was to clean up the registry after doing a back-up. I then defragged the c drive before installing partition magic and assigning more free space to the c drive. I then checked that windows was up to date and found it was missing sp3 so this was duly installed.
Now I get to the problem. I've now realised that MS Office 2003 has lost it's key and the owner of the laptop cannot find it. Having added a program plus installing sp3 I'm reluctant to re-load the registry back up. I've tried using Jelly-bean which easily found the key for windows, but can I use it to locate the office key in the registry back-up?
If not, does any one have any ideas please.

  Strawballs 23:50 10 Jun 2009

click here If jelly Bean dosn't this should

  Never again 00:01 11 Jun 2009

Will belarc advisor give you the key>

click here click here

  Ant two 23:19 11 Jun 2009

Thanks guys but neither worked. Owner of the lap top came clean-they hadn't entered the key in the first place!

  jellyhead 23:42 11 Jun 2009

For future reference try this
click here

  Technotiger 08:13 12 Jun 2009

Open Office Org is free and is an excellent alternative to, and fully compatible with Office!

  xania 10:23 12 Jun 2009

If you open any Office product, you can find the key by clicking the <Help> drop down then <About>. For 2007, the equivalent is to click the icon in the top left hand corner, go to the options button bottom left of the drop down that opens (i.e. in Word this will be <Word Options>, select <Resources>, then click the <About> button. I'm a bit puzzled about your frends suggestion that he did not enter this key - to the best of my knowledge, you cannot install the software without first entering this key.

  Sea Urchin 12:16 12 Jun 2009

The number shown on the Help menu (under About) is not the Key, but the product ID which is 20 numerical characters. The installation Key contains 25 alpha-numeric characters.

I agree with you that it would normally be impossible to install the program without entering the key. If Ant two uses Belarc as suggested above it will show the key under Software Licenses.

  Ant two 11:36 13 Jun 2009

Thanks every one. It seems the owner of the lap top bought it second hand with office already installed but no key. I agree, I don't know how either. Long and short of it all is that I've now removed office to free up some more space and they use works which was also installed.
Once again, thanks for all the head scratching

  woodchip 11:57 13 Jun 2009

It would not work without a key, so there must be one somewhere

  xania 19:01 13 Jun 2009

Sorry - I got it wrong. But read here

click here

about a free bit of software to help you extract the key from your registry. Not tried it myself, but reports indicate its good and it does not come any cheaper (it's free!)

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