GOBEEN 23:53 12 May 2003

Hi forum,I was bored and thought I would d/ld.a updated driver for my PS2.mouse.well I did ,but,when I loaded it my K/BRD & Mouse. died.I can use the K/BRD.when I'm in bios but soon as my P/C.boots they are both dead,I'm running X/P PRO.512 SDRAM. 1600XP.PCU.Please help if you can,Iv'e tried every trick I know,I desperatly need my P/C. GOB.

  GOBEEN 00:31 13 May 2003

Any body got any ideas i'll try anything nomater how strange,P/C.wise that is,HMMM,wicked lot,GOB.

  woodchip 00:49 13 May 2003

Go back to restor point

  GOBEEN 01:03 13 May 2003

Hi WOOD CHIP,THANKS MATE BUT I CANT GO INTO ANYTHING,I boot up to the screen as usual all the Icons and all that,but,I dont know how to get to restore point without a K/BRD & MOUSE.YOU SORTED MY PROBS ONCE before maybe I will be lucky again, GOB.:-)>

  woodchip 01:12 13 May 2003

Well just before I go to bed if files are not important you could run the XP CD there is I think the option to repair from the XP CD if you boot with it. I will look in tomorrow. Just start with the CD in the computer

  GOBEEN 23:12 13 May 2003

Thanks woodchip,iv'e just come on now t/nt.booted up the bad one,and managed to get into Format,i'll just have to start a clean install,I hope,Iv'e plenty of time to get all new drivers and reload old progs.I tried all the emergency disks I had and not one could sort it,I took out the C /Mos battery and that allowed me to boot,now I did as you said leave in the C/D.which I did and got said result,it wouldnt do it before,isn't that just the way with P/Cs.thanks for your help will let all know if I'm O/K, GOB

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