Lost Internet Connection after Crash

  WardaleM 16:03 28 Oct 2007

Last night I discovered that my Windows Vista Ultimate PC has lost its connection to my local network and the Internet.

The only change to the machine before this was that I installed Neverwinter Nights. I successfully connected to the internet after the s/w was installed to get the latest patch (although did not restart the PC after I installed it). Something seems to have caused a problem in the install as the machine did not complete the shutdown process correctly and I had to power the PC down (after waiting approximately 6 hours).

I presume this caused the internet connection problem. The PC starts up OK and everything seems fine - apart from connection to the internet or the other PC on the network.

My connection is via a D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router (connected with a network cable) into an NTL Cable modem.

I know that the problem is not with the router, cable modem or NTL as my wife's laptop is currently connected (I am using it now) via the cable the PC usually uses. The router identifies that the cables from the PC and Laptop are connected.

If I try to connect with the network cable unplugged from the PC it is identified by Windows.

Looking at the network sharing and tasks via the control panel there is a yellow warning icon on the connection to the network. This is called Unidentified network (on the laptop it is called default). If I click on the icon to identify the problem it eventually comes back with the answer "windows cannot resolve the problem".

Has anyone got any ideas on this please?


  WardaleM 16:19 28 Oct 2007

Additional - I have also tried doing a restore from a time prior to installing the software - the results are the same.

  bluto1 21:38 28 Oct 2007

Have you tried a reinstall of your, presumably, Broadband? It might just repair your connection.

  WardaleM 00:11 29 Oct 2007


It is broadband but there is/was no software to install. Everything worked as soon as I connected my new Vista PC to the router several months ago. All the drivers etc. were found automatically. It was plug and go.

However, I do have a CD for the D-Link router. I will try to reinstall that and let you know.


  WardaleM 12:00 29 Oct 2007

The plot thickens

Last night my PC again failed to complete the Shutdown process. After trying to shut down just after my last post above, the PC was still "Shutting Down" at 8:00 this morning! I had to do a full power off.

Something somewhere has definitely gone a bit doolally.

Does this mean that I need to reinstall Windows (and everything else?) :(

  WardaleM 19:41 29 Oct 2007

I have just tried connecting my PC directly into the cable modem, bypassing the router. I am experiencing exactly the same problem.

Things are not looking promising. A windows reinstall may be required.

What settings will I need to save?

  bluto1 18:53 30 Oct 2007


  bluto1 18:58 30 Oct 2007

This problem has got me. However my posting now will bring your problem up the forum and maybe someone with relevant experience. 'Luck.

  WardaleM 22:39 30 Oct 2007

I am now online again!. I have borrowed an old PCI Network card from a friend and, once I installed the drivers, am now able to connect to the network and the internet! Something seems to have killed the onboard network port.

The PC is only 6 months old. Should I be surprised at this failure? I had my previous PC for 5 years and it worked perfectly (if extremely slowly)

I will contact the manufacturer tomorrow to see what they say.

Many thanks for your help bluto1 - it was much appreciated.

  bluto1 22:59 30 Oct 2007

I'm glad you made it this far.

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