lost internet connection

  Ray5776 16:56 04 May 2009

Hi everyone,
I am trying to restore the internet connection on my daughters PC.

I have done the obvious things like checking cables etc.
When I check the ipconfig it shows as starting with 169 which is clearly wrong, I can release it to o.o.o.o but I can`t get it to renew to the 192 address.

There are 2 internet ports on the PC, one is on board ethernet which shows as not having a driver in device manager, the other is a PCI card which was working OK until a few days ago.

Can anyone help on this please, I have looked on the net but seem to be stuck.


  bluto1 19:20 04 May 2009

Dial-up or Broadband? I had same problem with my B/B, so I disconnected everything and reinstalled, following instructions carefully. It worked. I hope it's as simple for you.

  Ray5776 19:33 04 May 2009

Hi bluto, it is broadband on a router with 3 other PC`s attached. having tried everything I can think of i am going for a faulty PCI board as the cause. Have ordered another as they are so cheap just hope that was it.

Thanks for your reply.

  cream. 20:18 04 May 2009

download the driver for the ethernet port on the motherboard and try. If the router is functioning properly. The internet will load immediately.

Do you know the motherboard?

  Ray5776 22:04 04 May 2009

The motherboard is MSI 648. I can`t see how to download the driver if i have no internet acess.

  keverne 23:20 05 May 2009

Interesting, how did you manage to post your message?

  lotvic 23:41 05 May 2009

Ray5776 has broadband on a router with 3 other PC`s attached

Ray5776, download the driver to save to a usb stick then put it on daughters PC

  keverne 23:50 05 May 2009

>Ray5776 has broadband on a router with 3 other PC`s attached

I noticed that.

>Ray5776, download the driver to save to a usb stick then put it on daughters PC.


  lotvic 23:53 05 May 2009

Thank you for your useful posts to help solve the OP's problem.

  cream. 14:57 09 May 2009

the website click here with either the computer you are posting with or one of the working machines off the router. You will find the lan drivers for the motherboard.

Burn them to disk or put on a usb stick, as above and load them onto the suspect machine.

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