lost internet connection

  lofty29 14:52 13 Feb 2008

Just had a funny, had restarted pc following antivirus update, when tried to click on dial up for virgin bb over bt line,connection would not come up, checked everything, internet conection etc, no joy, tried reastarting pc several time still nothing. in the end phoned virgin technical help., went through all that I had been through, in the end had to manually setup connection afresh. and it worked, when I asked why this had happened he said that they had been updtaing and this sometimes affected peoples dial-up and they should reset manually their configuration, thought this might help anyone-else in the future. by the by mentioned slow speeds on 8mb, only getting about 500k on 8 mb and that apparently is deemed acceptable over bt lines as far as they are concerned

  crosstrainer 15:01 13 Feb 2008

A meg when you pay for 8? I'd change your package...you are paying for bandwidth you don't get.

  lofty29 15:07 13 Feb 2008

Hi crosstrainer
Unfortuneatly I am locked in until october, but the 500 applies to 2mb,4mb & 8 mb, and the socalled upgrade to 8mb was afreeby. This seems fairly common with so many internet providers

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