Lost Internet Connection

  Large JD 10:13 15 May 2006

Hi There,

2 days ago I inadvertently downloaded the w32.Alcra.F virus on my desktop pc. Norton’s alerted me to this fact, informing me that it had removed the virus.
Later that evening whilst completing a payment on EBay via Paypal I lost my IC. Believing this to be a service provide issue, I left it till the following morning, but the problem was still there. Strange I thought!!
So I began the ruling out process.

Firstly I tried my wireless laptop, no problems. Therefore the modem and router must be fine.

Next I swapped the LAN cable from the desktop to the router, no improvement.

Device is working correctly according to the device manager.

I have run two virus scans 1 in safe mode, both all clear.

I’m about to complete the entire removal process as described on the Norton’s help site, but I’m not sure if I need to do this.

According to the Norton’s site it says that the w32 virus also deposits a spybot virus that listens for EBay and Paypal key strokes. Do I need to be concerned about this?

I would be most grateful for some guidance on this. Should I be looking else where for the cause?

I am running XP pro with service pack 1, although I have downloaded all security and other updates as released.

Appreciation in advance

Large JD

  Graham ® 11:03 15 May 2006

This could be another case of a virus remaining in System Restore. Consider turning this off, you will lose all restore points, but hopefully also the virus.

  Large JD 11:10 15 May 2006

Sorry should have said, turned off system restore prior to both scans

  Large JD 12:11 15 May 2006

Hello again,
I have had a closer look at the registry and i can't see any of the suggested alterations that nortons state may be changed by the virus.
I'm starting to feel slightly more relieved that it is not a virus that is causing this problem. What it is i don't know!!
Is it worth downloading and reinstalling IE?
Large JD

  Graham ® 12:28 15 May 2006

Opera click here

  Large JD 16:05 15 May 2006

Hi Graham,

Sorry for the delay in coming back, been out.

Have tried MSN explorer and tried downloading emails, still nothing...

Have also tried turning off Nortons firewall, still nothing...

This has certainly got me foxed!! But I will not give up. Just hope these tears don't short out my keyboard...

Cheers for you reply.

Large JD

  Graham ® 16:51 15 May 2006

So the problem must be on the computer itself. Try deleting the Network Connections in Control Panel, then set it all up again.

  Large JD 09:59 16 May 2006

Hi again,
I have tried deleting the Network Connection, by delete i assume you mean uninstall, it won't. It is an onboard LAN. I have tried disabling same again, only locks up pc.

As part of my network adapters i also have a Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family Gigabit Ethernet NIC. Can i configure this to connect direct to the internet? If so how?


Large JD

  Large JD 12:50 16 May 2006


It's the onboard LAN, It's knackered...

As a last resort I went and bought a new LAN card, disabled the onboard LAN via the BIOS, installed the new card, hey-presto, the connection is back.

Thanks for your help Graham.

Large JD

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